Anthropology Undergraduate Lower-Division Courses

Introduction to Archaeology

4 Credits (Minimum) 4 Credits (Maximum) 

Covers the basic concepts and methodology of archaeology using archaeological case studies from around the world. Approved for LAS Social Science area requirement.

Introduction to Biological Anthropology

3 Credits (Minimum) 3 Credits (Maximum) 

Evolution of humanity and its cultures from their beginnings through the early metal ages. Covers human evolution, race, prehistory, and the rise of early civilization. Approved for LAS Natural Science area requirement. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Explore-Physical and Natural World. GT-SS3.

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

3 Credits (Minimum) 3 Credits (Maximum) 

Introduction to the major aspects of culture, such as social organization, law, religion, and language. Approved for LAS Social Science area and Global Awareness requirements.GT-SS3.

Archaeology of the Bible

3 Credits (Minimum) 3 Credits (Maximum) 

Examines archaeological findings to illustrate and clarify the cultural and historical context of the Bible, with emphasis on specific Bronze Age and Iron Age sites. 

Experimental Archaeology

3 Credits (Minimum) 3 Credits (Maximum) 

Features student-picked projects including, but not limited to: replication of lithic artifacts, processing of animal hides, ceramic reproductions, replications of indigenous foods, rock art reproductions, etc., using pre-contact or early historic methods. Prer., ANTH 1020 or consent of instructor.

The Nature of Language

3 Credits (Minimum) 3 Credits (Maximum) 

Introduction to the anthropological study of language. Approved for LAS Social Science area requirement. Prer., ANTH 1040 or sophomore standing.