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Kimbra Smith

Anthropology is the study of humankind throughout space and time; as such, the field of anthropology brings together the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to explore the full range of diversity in the human past, human biology, and social life and practices. The UCCS Department of Anthropology serves our students and community by promoting and advancing a nuanced understanding of human origins, history, and diversity. Integrating creative and robust research with outreach to students and the community though teaching and service, we provide our students with rich opportunities to learn and collaborate both in and out of the classroom. We focus on opportunities such as team teaching, interdisciplinary coursework, and integration into applied and hands-on research projects to give our students a well-rounded look at the human experience.

Collectively, the members of the UCCS Department of Anthropology believe in a synergistic approach connecting our research, teaching, and service. We are engaged in strong interdisciplinary collaborations both within our department and with colleagues in several related fields, from psychology, geography, sociology, biology, and health sciences to Women’s and Ethnic Studies, museum studies, theatre, and history. We seek to continue offering one of the best undergraduate anthropology programs in the country while striving to enhance our core strengths. First, we will continue to grow our already robust program integrating undergraduates into a broad array of applied anthropological work, from hands-on training in curation, preservation, public outreach, laboratory techniques, field methods, and cultural resource management to participation in local and international field schools, internships, and community-based research opportunities. Second, we will expand the pioneering interdisciplinary research and teaching offered by our world-renowned Center for Cognitive Archaeology and related interdisciplinary initiatives in human cognition and evolution.​ Third, we will continue to provide students with a broad anthropological foundation that will serve them within and beyond the classroom, and a disciplinary skill set, both critical and applied, that will be useful throughout their lives and in a wide variety of career paths.

Kimbra Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor / 719-255-3555 / ksmith5@uccs.edu.

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David Steilow UCCS Anthropology graduate
posts blog
David Stielow, grad, just posted a public archaeology blog for the international Day of Archaeology project site. He's a park ranger for the city of Colo. Spgs. MORE
Congratulations to our 2017 UCCS Student Employee of the Year! Shae Thomas, Anthropology and Languages & Cultures
Dr. Minette Church
The line is a line drawn upon a map, and the Country is a wilderness”: British Colonial Memory and the San Pedro Maya of Western Belize | MORE
Scholarship for Anthropology Students Available through the Colorado Archaeological Society - Due 3/25/17
2017 Scholarships will be awarded by the Colorado Archaeological Society in memory of Alice Hamilton, who was a member of CAS and avid supporter of Archaeology. These competitive awards range from $200 up to $750 each. Awards are based on the merits of the application, rather than financial need. Click on the following links for application process.
Dr. Minette Church
A Departure from the Dominant Narrative: Archaeology, Colonial Memory and pre-Caste War Maya in Western British Honduras | MORE
Seven faculty tapped as ethics fellows
Seven faculty members will serve as UCCS Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Fellows during the academic year 2016-2017. They will join 25 other UCCS faculty previously selected as ethics fellows. | MORE
Book just published by our faculty member, Kimbra Smith
2015, Vanderbilt University Press
Anna Cordova and David Stielow
presented papers at the annual meeting of the Colorado Archaeological Society, on campus archaeology.
David Stielow and Roche Lindsey:
"The Pikes Peak Region and the Pikeview Formation:  Lithic Materials on the Southern Colorado High Plains"