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Progress Report


Administer assessment instruments, as appropriate during each semester


Remind key faculty as appropriate to administer instruments, compile and submit data to departmental assessment coordinator


Compile and analyze your data


Discuss with your departmental faculty


Contact the Assessment Office if you have any questions or complications regarding your assessment activities

Finalize your report


Submit your report by due date indicated on your comments.

November – January

Please Note:  If your department is on a bi-annual reporting cycle, you must complete and submit a brief update in January of your non-reporting year as part of the bi-annual process.  Not completing and returning the update will result in your department being removed from the bi-annual reporting cycle.

February - March

Please Note:  If you are experiencing complications/stress due to an upcoming or in process Program Review or Professional School Accreditation – please keep the Assessment Office  informed and know that we are always ready to accommodate and work with/around these additional workloads.

April - May

Review and discuss your SAAC Comments with departmental faculty.  Address areas of concern and/or recommendations.  Even if you choose not to take the recommended actions, please respond to the concern.


July, and


Begin completing your report


Contact the Assessment Office if you have any questions or complications regarding the software.


Please Note: The Assessment Office is available during the fall/spring and summer, to assist with any component of your assessment planning, activities and reporting.




Updated Summer 2016