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Since our founding in 1965, UCCS has graduated over 43,000 alumni. Personal and professional lives have led our graduates in a variety of directions, and we are proud to highlight just a few of our success stories below. If you'd like to share your success story with us, please contact us at

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Scott Oki

Scott Oki, '74, '75
BS Accounting, MBA
Owner, Oki Developments, Inc.;
Former Senior Vice President,
Microsoft; Recipient,
Alumni & Friends Award

Margot Lane

Margot Lane, '82
BA History
Former Owner, Culebra Properties;
Former President, John E. Lane and
Margaret L. Lane Foundation

Yusef Komunyakaa

Yusef Komunyakaa, '75
BA Distributed Studies

Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet;
Professor, Princeton University;
Recipient, Alumni & Friends Award
Jim Gallogly

Jim Gallogly, '74
BA Psychology
Director, E. I. DuPont de
Nemours & Company
Mary Lou Makepeace

Mary Lou Makepeace, '79
Master of Public Administration

Executive Director, Gay & Lesbian Fund; First Female Mayor
of Colorado Springs

John Herrington

John Herrington, '83
BS Mathematics

First Native American Astronaut;
Ambassador, Chickasaw Nation
Becky Medved

Becky Medved, '87
Chief Operating Officer, RCSPros;
Co-Recipient, 2015 Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award; Recipient, Alumni & Friends Award

Charles Greer

Charles Greer, '71, '76
BA English, MA Psychology
Professor of Neurosurgery and of Neuroscience, Yale University
Robb Harleston

Robb Harleston, '83
BA Distributed Studies
Talk-Show Host, Assignment Editor, C-SPAN
Laura McGuire

Laura McGuire, '82
BA Distributed Studies
Founder and CEO, VineaGroup
Mike Fryt

Mike Fryt, '77
BA Accounting
Corporate Vice President of Tax,
FedEx; Recipient, Alumni &
Friends Award
Kathy Blake Carey

Kathy Blake Carey, '97
Senior Vice President,
Senior Equity Analyst,
Robert W. Baird & Company

Tamrin Apaydin

Tamrin Apaydin, '87
BS Accounting

CFO, Rocky Mountain
Health Care Services
Tom Saponas

Tom Saponas, '72
BS Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
Former Senior Vice President
and Chief Technology Officer,
Agilent Technologies; Former Vice President and General Manager,

Susan Edmondson

Susan Edmondson, '03
Master of Public Administration

President and CEO, Colorado
Springs Downtown Partnership
Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins, '86
Chief Financial Officer,
Pam McManus

Pam McManus, '00

President and CEO, Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Steve Bach

Steve Bach, '68
BS Marketing

Former Mayor of Colorado Springs;
Recipient, Alumni & Friends Award
Ted Sundquist

Ted Sundquist, 92
Master of Public Administration
President and CEO, Sports Virtual Training Systems
Kent Fortune

Kent Fortune, 89
BS Human Resources
Vice President/General Manager, USAA
Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith, '78

BS Accounting
Co-Founder, College of
Business Alumni Association;
Owner, Garden of the Gods Club;
Former Partner, BKP, LLP

Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan, '73
BA Psychology
Faculty at Indian Arts Institute;
Former Writer in Residence for the Chichasaw Nation;
Professor Emerita CU Boulder

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