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I received a phone call from someone who identified themselves as a UCCS student and asked for a donation. Is this legitimate?
Yes! UCCS opened a call center in February 2016 (the phone number of the center is 719-255-5020). We employ roughly 20 current students who contact alumni to get updated contact information and to ask for financial support. You can see a photo of our current callers in the image above.

If I make a gift, is a cut taken to pay for the call center activities or the CU Foundation?
No. 100% of your contribution goes toward the purpose you designate.

I am still paying off my student loans and cannot donate. Why are you calling me?
Many alumni are still paying off student loans or are unable to make a financial contribution for a variety of reasons. We still contact all of our alumni because we want you to know that every gift of every dollar amount counts toward making UCCS the kind of university of which you can always be proud. A $5 or $10 gift might not seem like it could make a difference, but when pooled with other support, the impact is huge! Participation in giving also contributes to our national rankings in publications such as US News and World Report and increases the prestige of your degree over time.

If it is easier to give regularly (such as monthly) in smaller dollar amounts, we can make that happen as well. Many donors sign up to automatically give $5-$10 per month over a 12-month period.

Even if you can't make a donation, our student callers can tell you about additional ways you can be involved to assist your alma mater (such as mentoring a student) and to get the ongoing support you need (such as through the UCCS Career Center).

If you would prefer not to be contacted, just let us know.

I am not comfortable donating over the phone. Can I give online, in person, or by mail?
We understand that not everyone is comfortable making a donation over the phone, and that is okay. You can also give online, bring a check (made payable to the CU Foundation) to our office - Main Hall 301, or mail a check to University Development, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Is there someone I can talk to about my giving options?

Yes! If you'd like to tell us more about what you are interested in, we can help direct your support in an appropriate manner. Please contact Denise Truitt at 719.255.3764 or for more information.

Other questions or concerns?

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 719.255.3180 or

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