Aging Families and Caregiver Program

The Aging Families and Caregiver Program at the Aging Center offers services that assist family and friends of older adults who are experiencing difficulties. Often friends and family members become aware of changes in the circumstances or behavior of an older person and are not sure what to do. Counselors at the Aging Center are available to assist with:

Caregiver stress
Elderly person's safety & functioning
Memory testing
Depression and/or anxiety

Caregiver survival
Strategies for handling elderly family members
Effects of normal & abnormal aging

Counseling, Support & Psychotherapy
Reducing caregiver burden & burnout
Enhancing skill & confidence in caring
Engaging family to work together
Balancing your roles


Involving other disciplines
Linking to community resources

Types of Services Offered in the Caregiver Program
Caregiver individual therapy
Six week Coping with Caregiving Class

Services offered in the Caregiver Program are partially funded by the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging, although donations are accepted. This program operates in association with the Family Caregiver Support Center at the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging.