A Week in the Life: Physical Training

Specific semester PT plans, locations, and events will be distributed through the cadet THUD network (Canvas) by the Wing Physical Fitness Officer every week.  You can also find specific PT information in the weekly Operation Order (OPORD) in the secure Canvas LLAB area. 


The Fitness Assessment (FA) is a test taken twice a year (fall and spring terms) while a cadet is enrolled in AFROTC to make sure cadets maintain an acceptable level of fitness. There are three events:  push-ups, sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run.  Cadets who are in the General Military Course (GMC), but not on a scholarship, must attempt the test, but do not have to pass.  Cadets on a scholarship and cadets in the POC must pass the test each fall and spring term.


In order to maintain good physical conditioning, we offer three Physical Training (PT) events per week.  All cadets are required to attend at least two hour-long PT sessions each week.  The PT schedule will be published to cadets after the start of each semester.


***Note:  You must complete your Pre-Participatory Sports Physical prior to attending a PT event.  See Step 3:  Apply of How to Join for more details.***