Advisors and Staff


Aaron Bauer Social Sciences & Criminal Justice
Amanda Garcia Business
Ashley Andersen Undecided
Bill Bannister Education, Humanities
Brian Mann Education, Humanities
Curtis Evans Engineering & Applied Science
Elaine Cherry Blacharski Social Science & Criminal Justice
Erin Mitchler Nursing
Heather Neilan Natural and Health Sciences
Academic Advisor Nursing
Katherine (Kat) Pittman Business Intent
Katie Harris Business
Lindsey Duthrie Natural and Health Sciences
Maria O'Connell Social Sciences & Criminal Justice
Ruth Sansing Education, Humanities
Syndee Garland Natural and Health Sciences
Torrah Giles Engineering Intent
Valerie McClinton Social Sciences & Criminal Justice
Stacy Carosa Engineering & Applied Science


Brett Fugate Director of Academic Advising
Monica Sedillo Front Desk Administrative Assistant
Yvonne Weeres Program Assistant

Graduate Advising Assistants