Photography Coordination

Stack of photosWe help coordinate the photography needs for the campus by maintaining both an online selection of downloadable photography as well as a more comprehensive physical collection. We can also help you hire a professional photographer to capture your event or photos for your marketing materials.

Online Photography Collection

We've created an online photo database so that anyone at UCCS will have access to high-quality, high-resolution photography for their university-related marketing, publications, presentations and websites. The images available on this site are cost-free for any university-related project. Visit the UCCS Photography Collection at »

Extended Physical Collection

We maintain a collection of over 20,000 images from the last 10 years, and are happy to share. Schedule a time to look through the collection. Bring a flashdrive and we can give you copies of the full-resolutions files, or we can burn a disc or send a few via email. Contact Jeff Foster to make an appointment »

Other Resources

If you're looking for historic photos older than what we have in our collections, consider contacting the UCCS Kraemer Family Library Archives. University Advancement regularly contributes to the archives when photos from our collection reach retirement age. Find out more about the UCCS Archives »

If you're looking for a specific photo, and aren't having any luck finding it in our collection, please let us know. We can help you coordinate hiring a professional photographer to capture just what you have in mind. We also keep a "shot wishlist" of commonly sought-after photos that is given to the photographers that are periodically hired by Marketing.


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Jeff Foster

Associate Director, University Communications and Media Relations

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