"Miles" Maximilian H. R. Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen

Portrait of Maximilian H. R. Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen

"Miles" Maximilian H. R. Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen

Development Business Manager
University Development

"Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body." – Marcus Tullius Cicero


In his role as the Business Manager, Miles Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen oversees the business operations and administrative staff for Development at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Miles received his Bachelor's degree from Louisiana Tech University and his Master's from Louisiana State University. His diverse background includes experience as a language lecturer, educational technologies specialist, telecommunications specialist, and an IT and business manager at universities throughout the United States. In 2014, he moved to Colorado and began his career with UCCS.

Miles enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and children, reading, writing, listening to classical music, and playing the violin and trumpet. He also speaks Portuguese and Spanish, and is a lover of literature and history, particularly those of pre-Colombian and colonial Latin America and medieval Europe.