Widget Examples

UCCS Event Calendar widgets let you to embed your event calendar content on your website. Take advantage of your site's prime real estate and display the most important, popular or newest events.

Deploy once, update everywhere

Enter your events on the UCCS Event Calendar and display them immediately across your widgets, saving you time and resources.

Versatile theming

Customize your widget to blend with the look and feel of the page it's being placed on. Powerful filters and output parameters, as well as customizable CSS, means you can customize your widget to all kinds of purposes.

For assistance with creating and customizing UCCS Event Calendar widgets, contact Jeff Foster.


This is essentially the default widget, with almost no modifications. All events (no filters), within next 31 days, showing a maximum of 3 events.


  • Coffee with Compliance EventWhat is the dif-fur-ence between service animals and comfort pets? Come for coffee and donuts, stay for a panel with UCCS Legal, Police, Housing, the Office of Disability...
  • Jan 18 10am - May 10 Clyde's Cupboard
    Clyde's CupboardClyde's Cupboard, UCCS' on-campus food pantry, is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 5 pm to all currently enrolled students. For more information on Clyde's...
  • Jan 18 11am Abroad 101 Session
    Abroad 101 SessionLearn more about studying abroad and how to apply for programs by attending our Abroad 101 Sessions!

Exactly the same as the standard example, but loaded into a placeholder element so the render-blocking javascript can be placed at the end of the page, or loaded asynchronistically.

Large Image

This is essentially the default widget with the image size set to large, times hidden, and some CSS to simplify the events after the first.

Simple List

A simple list using filters, output parameters, and custom CSS. Only includes events in the "Academic Calendar" category, using a special tag to delineate between semesters, and only events between March 1, 2015 though December 26, 2015, showing a max of 6 events. Descriptions, images and times are disabled. CSS floats the date to the left and simplifies the styles.

Another Simple List

Another example of a simplified list, with the same filers as the Simple List example, and similar using output parameters. Photos, descriptions, locations and times are hidden. CSS is mostly the default.