University Communications and Media Relations

Internal Communications

The office produces Communique, the official newsletter for UCCS faculty and staff, which is constantly updated to provide fresh content and opportunity for reader interaction. We encourage you to visit to see new information, sign up for an RSS feed, and share articles on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Summary emails are sent to the faculty and staff email lists, and other email addresses by request, weekly during the fall and spring semesters and monthly during the summer semester. Previous issues, dating back to August 2005, are available in the Communique Archives. Go to »

Media Relations

University Communications Media Relations serves as the university's official communication link to local, regional and national media. In many cases, Media Relations staff serve as official university spokespersons. In other cases, Media Relations staff work actively with faculty to publicize their work at the university or to link media members in search of faculty expertise. Faculty members are encouraged to work in coordination with Media Relations when contacted by the media or to develop publicity plans to highlight faculty research, service and teaching.

The unit responds to hundreds of inquiries and produces more than 60 press releases annually. The unit also provides informal and formal guidance to faculty and staff about responding to media inquiries or promoting actions through the mass media. University Advancement staff members also serve as advisers to the student newspaper and to the campus radio station. Visit »


Brand Management and Trademark Licensing

It is important to have a strong, consistent, recognizable brand identity. We're here to help, provide guidance, and answer questions. We'll work with you to make sure what you produce contributes to a strong and effective UCCS brand, which in turn supports our university's long-term strategic goals. Information about the brand identity standards, including the Brand Identity Standards document as a downloadable pdf, as well as downloads of logo artwork and templates, are available at the brand website. This is also where you go to request customized artwork, send feedback, and ask questions. Information about the university's trademark licensing program is available at Jeff Foster with questions or visit »

Photography Coordination

We help coordinate the photography needs for the campus by maintaining both an online selection of downloadable photography as well as a more comprehensive physical collection. We can also help you hire a professional photographer to capture your event or photos for your marketing materials. Contact Jeff Foster with questions or  visit the UCCS Photography Collection at »


Social Media

We coordinate the use of social media throughout campus by using social media to interact with the UCCS community, disseminating accurate information in real-time, and providing campus-wide social media training for faculty and staff. Our goal is to create a collaborative social media strategy that meets the university's needs. Information regarding the UCCS social media policy and campus-wide training for faculty and staff can be found at »