University Marketing

Mass Marketing and Brand Building

We promote UCCS through various mass marketing and brand building efforts. 4,627 UCCS TV spots ran in Colorado Springs and Denver combined between November and March, and 6,000+ radio spots ran from September through April. Our online advertising campaign has had over 7.5 million impressions.

Direct Marketing

We work with Student Recruitment to generate prospective student leads through targeted direct marketing. Over 130,000 direct mail pieces have been sent to prospects in Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Design and Creative

We are here to help. Our goal is to help elevate the impact of the university brand throughout our community by applying consistent brand standards and well-executed design. We’d love to work with you on any projects you have—big or small—to share best practices, identify resources, provide feedback, and clarify a path forward. If we can’t directly help produce your piece, we can suggest assets and resources to help you complete your project. Contact Jeff Foster to get started.

Brand Management and Trademark Licensing

It is important to have a strong, consistent, recognizable brand identity. We're here to help, provide guidance, and answer questions. We'll work with you to make sure what you produce contributes to a strong and effective UCCS brand, which in turn supports our university's long-term strategic goals. Information about the brand identity standards, including the Brand Identity Standards document as a downloadable pdf, as well as downloads of logo artwork and templates, are available at the brand website. This is also where you go to request customized artwork, send feedback, and ask questions. Information about the university's trademark licensing program is available at Jeff Foster with questions or visit »

Photography Coordination and Digital Asset Management

We help coordinate the photography needs for the campus by maintaining both an online selection of downloadable photography as well as a more comprehensive physical collection. We can also help you hire a professional photographer to capture your event or photos for your marketing materials. Contact Jeff Foster with questions or  visit the UCCS Photography Collection at »