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Undergraduate Student Recruitment Staff

Chris BeiswangerDirector of Student Recruitment and Admissions Counseling1-800-990-8227 ext. 3084 or (719) 255-3084
Jacqueline BisaillonAssociate Director(719)
Ariadna CoffmanAssistant Director1-800-990-8227 ext. 3038 or (719)
Cheya LacroixEnrollment
Vanessa EaPrincipal Admissions Counselor, Western United States(719)
Nicole SmithAdmissions Counselor-
Linda GoodwinAdmissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3867 or (719)
Nereida MaciasAdmissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3308 or (719)
Leilani MullinsAdmissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3831 or (719)
Mary WardTransfer Admissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3642 or (719)
Siyab (SK) KhanAdmissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3571 or (719)
Nancy MooreCommunication Specialist1-800-990-8227 ext. 3866 or (719)
Sean SwallenTransfer Admissions Counselor1-800-990-8227 ext. 3084 or (719) 255-3084
Val LayfieldRecruitment Distribution Center Coordinator1-800-990-8227 ext. 3087 or (719)

Graduate Student Recruitment

Graduate School Email:

Sarah ElseyRetention and Recruitment

International Student Recruitment

Office of International affairs

Yanjie (Ruby) Cheng, MBAInternational Student and Scholar Services Specialist1-800-990-8227 ext. 7218 or (719)