Action Plans

Data driven action plans related to improving student learning are developed once your assessment data is analyzed and discussed with the departmental faculty.  Upon reviewing the data, faculty can make informed decisions related to addressing problems with student achievement as demonstrated by the findings. Action plans will outline the faculty involved, why the plan is being developed (what findings inspired action), when the plan will be implemented and the student learning outcomes it is related to.  Upon completion of the action plan, begin to review subsequent data to determine if the plan results in the desired improvement in student competencies.  This is an integral part of the self-improvement cycle.

In addition to recording data driven action plans in the "Action Plan" section in our online software, you may utilize this section to record all decisions related to improving student learning including curriculum changes, faculty additions, retreats, etc.  This would provide reliable historical information when preparing your Program Review.  There is plenty of room to include notes related to your action plans and record progress.

Sample action plans from UCCS academic departments are indicated below.

Clinical Psychology, PhD 

Improve Student Performance on Comprehensive Examination; We will review these ratings at upcoming clinical faculty meetings and strive to make changes to improve some ratings. In particular, we will discuss whether student performance in some areas is indeed poor or whether we are being too critical in our ratings of the students. We will address the issue of ratings at upcoming clinical faculty meetings and implement a new rating scheme for 2012 and beyond. We will monitor the effects of these changes over time.

Communication, MA

Establish Achievement Targets - Data from 2011-2012 will be used as a baseline for determining Achievement Targets for 2012-2013

New 6030 Pre Post Test - Instructor will modify existing Pre-Post instrument to more closely align with content taught.  

Computer Science, BS

Choose new textbook - Book “Computer Architecture: a quantitative approach” assumes that students have in-depth knowledge in compilers. It is not the case as most CS4200 students are juniors while the compiler class is often taken at the senior year.  Consider using “Computer Organization: A hardware-software interface” together with another book or more advanced reading materials.

Team Dynamics - Re-evaluate the way teams are constructed, the way tasks are assigned within teams, and methods of grading group turn-ins in order to implement a more fail-safe way for the hard-working students to obtain the correct grade they deserve, while apathetic students are also correctly rewarded for their lack of effort.  Random  assignment of students to groups, rather than self-selection has had better  results in the past, and seems a partial solution to the problems.

Health Promotions, MS 

Better Rubric - Create a better rubric to identify and descrie strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Increase Students Who CompleteWe need to increase the number of students who complete the exit survey. We have students that graduate in December and in the summer months. They may not be receiving the survey or they may not be compelled to complete it. Dr. Kelly will work with our graduate program coordinator (who sends out the survey each year) to ensure that all students receive it. Dr. Kelly will follow up with each student to encourage them to complete the exit survey.

History, BA

New Research Oriented Courses - We have set a goal of all students achieving assessment scores of 92 or above on the "research" assessment score of the sr. thesis evaluation form. To facilitate this, we have instituted a new series of research/writing intensive courses, Hist 4800 - 4980, that would be taken in addition to Sr. Thesis in order to maximize student exposure to high-level research and writing experiences using best practices in research and writing derived from studying other courses across the country.

Student AdvisingThe number one complaint over the years in our Senior History Major Survey is students feeling they were not well served by the advising process. WE have taken a number of measures to address that. First, we have instituted a new Undergraduate Studies Committee in the department, one of the main jobs of which will be to oversee student advising. Second, we have had meetings with the Student Success people assigned to History, with other staff members at UCCS who are involved in work such as degree audits and the like, and with PPCC faculty members who are advising students who will transfer to UCCS. The ultimate aim is to develop a more effective advising system for students at all levels. Finally, we have had an ongoing series of meetings with faculty at PPCC to smooth transitions from one institution to another.
Nursing, DNP

Alumni survey development - Develop alumni survey to measure graduate perceptions of how well they meet the DNP program student outcomes.

Employer SurveyThe employer survey will be revised to reflect the new DNP program outcomes in Spring 2013 and sent to known employers of DNP graduates from the years 2011, 2012, and 2013. 
Philosophy, BA
Developing students' critical thinking skills - Department will address ways to prepare students to analyze and write arguments in a more consistent way across courses.
Preparing students for oral presentations Department will address how to incorporate more oral presentations within philosophy classes prior to the Senior Thesis in order to help students feel more comfortable with presenting arguments orally.
Preparing students for researchThe department will discuss ways to prepare students better for research in philosophy.  Library visits,  sessions on doing philosophical research, and one-on-one help are being considered.