University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Academic Services & Support

The Centers for Academic Excellence are designed to provide tutoring and academic support to all students and they play an important role in our Student Success Initiative. There are five centers in the areas of communication, language, science, math and writing. Staffed by peer undergraduate and graduate assistants, each center utilizes the principles of collaborative learning, individualized assistance and the intelligent use of technology to help students solve problems, master important skills and reach their full potential. Each year, the centers see more than 75,000 student visits. Our research has shown that students who use the centers earn higher grades in their classes and achieve a higher GPA.

The Academic Advising Center provides academic advising resources for undergraduate students on campus including, academic support, academic orientation, senior graduation checks, transfer credit evaluation and additional support to make each student's college journey a success. 

UCCS offers a variety of free tutoring and extra instruction for specific courses. If you are struggling in a class that is not on this list or need additional help in a class, the Office of First Year Experience will work with you to explore options for additional academic support.

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