IT Telecommunications

The past year has brought many new changes to the Telecommunications Department.

To begin with, there is now a brand-new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP for short) system on campus. The VoIP system brings higher voice quality, additional features and new services to the phone system that were not possible with the old phone system. While many new services are available and will be discussed in other pages, some services will arrive at a later date.

Some new features include:

  • An on-phone directory
  • Speakerphone
  • On-campus Caller ID

Some new services are:

  • Voicemail integration with Microsoft Exchange email accounts
  • Self-initiated conferencing

Services coming soon:

  • Cisco Presence - integrating phone status with Instant Messaging

If you need further information that isn't provided here please contact:
(719) 255-3216
ELPC 140