Office of Sustainability

The UCCS Office of Sustainability unites the efforts of faculty, staff and students to support development and lifestyles on campus and in the community that sustain natural resources and protect the environment, ultimately ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs too.

Join us for UCCS Unplugged on Wednesday, Nov 5th from 9-11 pm!

UCCS Unplugged

Perform. Listen. Engage. Learn more ways to conserve energy. Come to the Lodge for an open 'no-mic' night filled with acoustic entertainment while enjoying late night pizza, homemade popcorn and pumpkin seeds. Find more information about this exciting event on the Facebook page by clicking on the UCCS Unplugged image! 

Mt. Trashmore

Come take a hike on Mt. Trashmore!

Why are we digging through trash on El Pomar Plaza on Thursday, Nov. 13th? 
Because the more we know about our trash stream and what we could divert through recycling and composting, the better we can educate the campus community on those items. Put on a tyvek suit and jump in! We'd love to have your help to reduce what goes to the landfill and increase our diversion rate!

UCCS Makes Princeton Review Green Honor Roll!

Princeton Review surveyed 861 colleges and universities across the country and recently released its annual Green Honor Roll. UCCS was 

one o

f 24 schools to achieve the highest score of 99 (out of 100) and earn a place atop this year's Green Ratings. UCCS was highlighted for its recent conversion to self-operated food and dining services, which will feature more local, organic food, as well as the addition of a sustainability general education requirement that applies to all freshmen students starting at UCCS this fall. Read more...

Students Take Action...

See what students are doing at UCCS to be more sustainable!

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Interested in Volunteering?
As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet passionate, like-minded individuals, gain professional experience in a safe environment, bolster your resume with projects you've completed with the Office, obtain a letter of recommendation, and much more.

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