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Summer Session

UCCS Summer Session 2014

University of Colorado Colorado Springs Summer Session offers various courses May through August for students who want to complete UCCS college credit courses.

Gearing up for Summer Session 2014!

Summer Session News

Summer Session
Summer Session Spotlight, SOC 3210: American Minority Communities SOC 3210: American Minority Communities
Come join us this summer!! Using the lenses of race, class and gender we will examine the unique experiences of marginalized populations. We will discuss the social and structural factors that impact minority groups in the United States. view flyer »
Summer Session Spotlight, WEST 3900: Spike Lee's Cinema WEST 3900: Spike Lee's Cinema
Do you enjoy movies? Need to earn 3 credits this summer? Earn credits while getting SPIKED!!!! WEST 3900 will be an intriguing two week course examining the cinematic works of the American icon Spike Lee. Sign up today and have fun earning 3 upper level credit hours. view flyer »
Summer Session Spotlight, PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy: The Individual Against 'Mass Society'
This course will provide a conceptual road map to help you navigate your way through contemporary challenges. From 'Socrates to Sartre' registration »
Summer Session Spotlight, GES 4700: Urban Ecology GES 4700: Urban Ecology
A two week course focused on examining the relationships between urban populations and the surrounding biophysical environment. view flyer »
Summer Session Spotlight, PHIL 1120: Critical Thinking PHIL 1120: Critical Thinking
Ever wonder what a slippery slope argument is or what it is to beg the question? Why is it disrespectful to make an ad hominem attack? Why is post hoc reasoning bogus? PHIL 1120 will answer these and other questions about reasoning and critical thinking. The course focuses on developing your argumentative ability, a required ability for success at college and professional life. You will learn how to structure good arguments and how to recognize and identify bad arguments. The course satisfies part of the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences quantitative and qualitative reasoning requirement.
registration »
Summer Session Spotlight, HIST 1540: U.S.: Recent Amer 1918-Present HIST 1540: U.S.: Recent Amer 1918-Present
ENJOY A ONE-WEEK CRUISE WITH LOTS OF SHIPBOARD ACTION! If Bermuda isn't your destination this summer, you're sure to see new vistas in HIST 1540.001: "Recent America, 1918-Present." Your professor has made this trip and knows the ports of call well, such as Prohibition, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, the Cold war, the Vietnam Campaign, protest movements, impacts of multinational corporations, and more. Group and individual case studies, documentary films, in-class reading time, a library research & writing "excursion," in-class internet primary source prowling, and an exam will fill your days to the brim. Book your passage now and reserve a stateroom for a thought-provoking, intensive trip to a key link in our national - and international heritage. registration »
Summer Session Spotlight, COMM 3500: American Cinema COMM 3500: American Cinema
American Cinema (Communication 3500) is an introductory course with no pre-requisites, surveying the best films and directors of Hollywood's last century, to include: Charlie Chaplin, Frank Capra, Preston Sturges, John Ford, Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, Oliver Stone, Kathryn Bigelow, & The Coen Brothers. Films are screened on blu-ray with enhanced audio reproduction in perhaps the finest screening room on the UCCS campus. American Cinema requires only two short papers and a single exam. It meets the requirements for a Humanities elective in Engineering and Business, and in the accelerated format, offers free on-campus parking. Check this on requirements!!!! Dean's office did not know!!! You will never look at movies the same way again! registration »
Summer Session Spotlight, ECON 1000: The Economics of Social Issues ECON 1000: The Economics of Social Issues
Want to learn how the economic world works? If so, then why not do it the easy and fun way by discussing social issues? Topics include: broken windows, war, tariffs, industry bail-outs, minimum wage laws, unions, immigration, poverty, recession, the curse of machinery, child labor, slumlords, scabs, speculators, moneylenders, profiteers, ticket scalpers, gypsy cab drivers, and even a pencil's family tree. view syllabus »