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Dr. Renee Henry

 Postdoctoral appointment: University of Kansas and University of California at Irvine

 Ph.D.: University of Colorado at Boulder in Inorganic Chemistry (Bioinorganic)

 B.S.: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Chemistry (Biochemistry)

 Contact Information:

 Office: Science and Engineering B-423


 Telephone: 719-255-3229             Fax: 719-255-3047

Department of Chemistry               Street Address: SB1                                                1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
P.O. Box 7150                                 Colo. Spgs., CO 80933
Colo. Spgs., CO 80933


Research interests:  Recently several areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry have been working towards new goals: creating new catalysts that are environmentally benign, perform specific transformations, and bind/sequester small molecules and environmental toxins.  To gain insight, I have been looking at enzymes and proteins, specifically metalloenzymes and metalloenzymes, that perform the items mentioned above.  Through recent advancements in x-ray crystallography of enzymes, it was found that amino acid residues are in close proximity to the metal active site.  These amino acids can donate protons to substrates, stabilize reactive intermediates through hydrogen bonding, shuttle protons into and out of the active site, store small molecules and metal ions (secondary coordination sphere).  As a bio-inorganic chemist I try to recreate the metalloenzyme/proteins functions by synthesizing metal complexes that contain moieties observed in the metalloenzyme/protein.  By studying these "small" metal complexes reactivity towards substrates; insights are gained in the function of the original enzyme as well as ways to creating better catalysts and how to bind/sequester toxins.


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