Course information for (MATH 5610/6610)

Complex Analysis I

Professor Robert Carlson
Office: EAS 284
Phone: 255-3561
Class meets Tuesday-Thursday 10:50-12:05 in Osborne (SENG) B217.

Office hours: Normal office hours for this class are T-Th 9:30-10:30.
You are also WELCOME TO DROP IN or make an appointment to see me at another time.
I am normally in my office 9:30 - 4:30, except for lunch 12-1,
and when I'm teaching TTh 10:50-12:05, TTh 3:05-4:20.
I leave about 3:00 on Wednesdays.
If you are making a special trip to campus to see me I suggest calling ahead.

Legal fine print:

The administration of the course described below is subject to change as deemed necessary by the instructor.


The (comprehensive) FINAL EXAM is on Tuesday, May 13, from 10:50-1:20.

Test 2 solutions


Students are encouraged to discuss homework problems with their classmates or with the professor to share ideas, or detect and correct errors.
However, the written material handed in by the student is expected to be the work of that student.
Copying homework solutions, or partial solutions, from another student or source is a serious violation of the university's cheating policy.

Drop dates:

Please review the Campus Calendar in the university's schedule of courses. Students who drop a course may be eligible for partial refunds if the drop is completed before a certain date.
Except for really exceptional circumstances beyond the student's control, THE LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW IS APRIL 4, 2014.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities may be entitled to support from Disability Services,
including extra time for examinations, in Main Hall 105, phone 255-3354.
Students who may fall into this group should talk to Disability Services as soon as possible.
The Disability Certification Letter to the professor is to be submitted within the first two weeks of classes.



Math 4310 or the equivalent proof oriented analysis course.


R. Greene and S. Krantz, Function Theory of One Complex Variable (3rd edition), American Mathematical Society
I expect to cover the first six or seven chapters of the text. After some introductory material, the course will treat complex line integrals,
the Cauchy Integral Formula and its consequences, meromorphic functions, the poles and zeros of meromorphic functions,
geometric mapping and Riemann's Mapping Theorem. Time permitting, harmonic functions will also be covered.


There will be graded homeworks about once a week. I expect two midterm exams and a comprehensive final. Homework grades will count for 10% of the final grade.
Midterms will count 25% each, while the final will count for 40% .

LATE HOMEWORK is accepted, with a grade penalty, for one week after the due date.
I expect to provide solutions for the homework.

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