Course information for MATH 1350

Calculus 1

Professor Robert Carlson
Office: EAS 284
Phone: 255-3561
Class meets Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:50-12:05 in Columbine 216.
Office hours: Official hours for this class are Tues-Thursday-Friday 9:30-10:30.
Except for lunch, I am usually in my office M-F 9:30-3:00, later on Mondays and Fridays.
You are welcome to stop by AT ANY TIME. If you are making a special trip to campus to see me I suggest calling ahead.


The FINAL EXAM will be on Tuesday 12/17 from 10:50-1:20. The final is comprehensive. Here is a
practice FINAL

Review section 5.5 and do problems 1-15 odd, and 37-45 odd. These are not to be turned in. Solutions are at the back of the text.

The supplementary instruction (SI) sessions specifically for Math 1350 are led by Rebekah Schroetlin.
These sessions meet T 3:00- 4:30 in Engineering 239 (conference room) and W 4:30-6:00 in Engineering 240 (adjacent lounge).

The Math Department offers support for Math 1350 outside of the classroom.
The Math Learning Center (MLC) has a staff of tutors for lower division mathematics classes. It is located in Engr 233, and should be open M-Th 8-7, F 8-4:30, Sun 11-2.
Limited online tutoring is also available through this link: Online tutoring

SOLUTIONS for homeworks will be posted below.

Legal fine print:

The administration of the course described below is subject to change as deemed necessary by the instructor.

Drop dates:

Please review the Campus Calendar in the university's schedule of courses.
Students who drop a course may be eligible for partial refunds if the drop is completed before a certain date.
Except for really exceptional circumstances BEYOND THE CONTROL OF THE STUDENT,
the LAST DAY to WITHDRAW is November 1, 2013.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities may be entitled to support from Disability Services, including extra time for examinations.
Disbability Services is located in Main Hall 105, phone 255-3354.
Students who may fall into this group should talk to Disability Services as soon as possible.
The Disability Certification Letter to the professor is to be submitted within the first two weeks of classes.



James Stewart, Essential Calculus: Early transcendentals (2nd edition)


Math 1050 or a sufficiently high score on the departmental Algebra Placement Exam and the Calculus Readiness Exam.


Topics to be covered include:
Chapter 1: Functions and Limits
Chapter 2: Derivatives
Chapter 3: Inverse Functions
Chapter 4: Applications of Differentiation
Chapter 5: Integrals
Here is a tentative course schedule Course schedule


In this course I expect 3 midterm examinations and a comprehensive final.
In addition there will be graded homework.

Relative weights for grading purposes:
Homework 10 %
Each midterm 20 %
Final 30 %


LATE HOMEWORK is accepted for one week after the due date. Late homework receives a 10 point penalty. No late homework will be accepted after solutions are posted.
The lowest two homework scores will be discarded.
I expect to provide solutions for the homework. These will be available on this web page. I can also provide a paper copy if someone needs it.

Collaboration - You are welcome and encouraged to talk to your classmates about the homework problems and their solutions.
However, all students are expected to write up their own solutions.
Do not copy another student's solutions, or solutions coming from a source (like the back of the book) that does not represent your work.
Calculators and computers may be used for homework, although in most cases you should only be using such aids for basic arithmetic or evaluation of scientific functions like sin(x) or ln(x).
Otherwise, if you are asked to work out a problem, it is not sufficient to say that the computer gave the answer.


By Mathematics Department policy, graphing and programmable calculators and computers may not be used on tests.

Homework solutions are available here.

Solutions for homework 13

Solutions for homework 12

Solutions for homework 11

Solutions for homework 10 part (a)
Solutions for homework 10 part (b)
Solutions for homework 10 part (c)

Solutions for homework 9

Solutions for homework 8

Solutions for homework 7

Solutions for homework 6

Solutions for homework 5

Solutions for homework 4

Solutions for homework 3

Solutions for homework 2

Solutions for homework 1

Test solutions will be available here.

Solutions for TEST 3

Solutions for TEST 2

Solutions for TEST 1

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