Pedal Perks

Pedal Perks is a yearlong bicycle commuter incentive program that promotes active transportation as a way of integrating wellness and sustainability into our every day lives. When we change our habits to relying on our bodies for transportation, we decrease our carbon footprint while increasing our physical fitness and improving our overall health and wellbeing.

Pedal Perks is a way to help you maintain a regular bicycle commute by rewarding you every month for your rides. You will also rewarded for being an active cyclist when you attend educational workshops, clinics, and events that will help keep you pedaling all year long.

Every September at UCCS we celebrate our favorite form of alternative and sustainable transportation - the bicycle! There are three opportunities for you to win great prizes: Bike JamBike Month Challenge, and the year-long Pedal Perks.  For the month of September (actually September 3rd to October 2nd), we challenge students, faculty, and staff of UCCS to forego their cars and trucks and instead bike to campus, do leisure riding on the city trails, workout on the stationary bike at the Rec Center, or pedal to do your errands! We support any kind of bicycle riding but especially commuting to campus.

Register for Bike Month Challenge and Pedal Perks by going to  to sign up as a team. Winners will be contacted using the information provided on their Bike Journal profile and announced at the Bike Month Finale on October 8th. The department or office team with the greatest number of commutes per person in the department will win the Traveling Trophy for one year, recognition on the Sustainability and Pedal Perks website, and huge bragging rights! 


Bike Jam and Bike Month Posters


UCCS Bike Jam 7: Thursday, Sept. 3rd

What's your #cyclability? Join us for the 7th Annual UCCS Bike Jam on Sept. 3rd from 7:30am - 1:00pm at the El Pomar Plaza. Events include bike smoothies, campus ride, fix-a-flat, and the opportunity to try out a variety of different bikes. No matter what level you're at, come join us! Breakfast will be provided to all riders that sign up HERE. 

Bike for Bagels: Thursday, Sept. 10th

Stop by our table at Columbine or the S.O.L.E. Center from 7:30-9:00am to receive your free bagel and schmear! Stay motivated to bike with a little extra breakfast with good friends.

Bike Clinic: Thursday, Sept. 17th 

Join us for a S.O.L.E. Center led bike clinic to help prepare you for biking to campus. We'll discuss helpful tips, what to carry with you, and ways that you can creatively commute. Hope to see in the S.O.L.E. Center from 12:00-1:00pm! 

Beat the Hill: Thursday, Sept. 24th 

Feel slightly intimidated by the hill leading up to campus? Wish you had a crew of people to encourage you to bike up the hill? Here's another chance for you to join your comrades to beat the hill! Rides start at 7:00am at Lot 573 and continue every half hour until 9:30am. Race concludes at Columbine. Join us for some great fun as we beat the hill! 

Clean Bike Ride: Friday, Oct. 2nd 

Want to give back to your community? Want to ride your bike with friends while doing so? Grab some buddies and join us for a clean bike ride where we'll ride along the greenway trail and stop to pickup trash along the way. Meet at the S.O.L.E. Center at 2:00pm. We'll get our gear together, head out, bike, clean our beloved trails, and head back to campus by 6:00pm. 

Bike Month Finale: Thursday, Oct 8th

We love our bikers! Let's celebrate an awesome month of biking and gaining traction to become a more bike friendly campus and community. Join us from 11:00am - 1:00pm on El Pomar Plaza to congratulate our Bike Month Challenge winners, see yourself in our Bike Campaign pictures, and enjoy good food and good friends! Bike Month may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to stop biking! Pedal on!

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Andrea Hassler at, x7508, or the Sustainability Office at x3089

This program is funded by Kaiser Permanente, UCCS Parking and Transportation Sustiainable Transportation Fund and Campus Recreation with support from the Office of Sustainability and Department of Health Sciences.


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