Student Agreements are now being accepted for the FALL 2015 Semester !

FALL 2015 Semester begins on August 24, 2015

About the MathOnline Program:

The MathOnline program is open to anyone meeting the educational background requirements for
each course. The program is particularly well-suited for the thousands of high school students
throughout the country who have completed their high school mathematics courses before their
senior year.

MathOnline courses run synchronous to the corresponding University of Colorado Colorado
Springs math courses (Fall and Spring semesters). As a MathOnline student, you can participate
real-time by receiving a
simultaneous video feed and can also ask questions of
the instructor in real-time.
Or, you can access the course at your convenience through either a
complete audio/whiteboard
archive or video archive.

MathOnline course credits are transferrable not only to Colorado institutions but to many top-tier
institutions across the country.

News Flash for FALL 2015: We are offering noncredit/audit sections of all MathOnline courses for
qualified individuals who desire to take quality university-level courses but do not need university credits.
Noncredit/audit students receive a verifiable certificate of completion and may also request an
official noncredit transcript from UCCS. For more information go HERE...