Web Search Engines

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Web Search Engines

A list of suggest web search engines and information on setting preferences in search engines like Google Scholar, Scirus and more.

Scholarly Web Search Engines

General Search Engines

Setting Search Preferences

Some web search engines allow UCCS students, staff and faculty to connect to Library resources directly from their web searches. For example, if you are searching in Google Scholar and find a journal article you want to read, but can't get full-text of, by setting search preferences, you can automatically connect to the Library's electronic and print holdings to see if you can get the full-text from the Library.

Setting Search Preferences in Google Scholar

  1. On the opening screen of Google Scholar select the link for Scholar Preferences.
  2. Click the box that says "open search results in a new browser window".
  3. In the search box type: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
  4. Click on Find Library.
  5. Click on Save preferences.

Note: If you are off campus using Google Scholar, you need to connect to the Library VPN for this to work.

Setting Search Preferences in Scirus

  1. Go to Scirus Search Preferences.
  2. Change the Library Partners Links from "Disabled" to "Enabled."
  3. Select the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs from the drop down list.
  4. Click on save preferences.

After saving the search preferences, you will see the Search UCCS icon appear by some of the search results. Click on the Search UCCS icon to search the library's electronic resources for that particular article.

Note: If you are off campus using Scirus, you need to connect to the Library VPN for this to work.