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Anthropology Department

William R. Arbogast, Research Instructor
Specializes in the prehistory of the Pikes Peak region.

Gerald Broce, Associate Professor Emeritus

Glenda Carne, Instructor
Specializes in Expressive Culture; Santero art and the religiosity of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado emphasizing the Nuestra Senora del Rosario church and Truchas, NM; and Jean Charlot's tenure in the Southwest.

Minette Church, Assistant Professor
Specializes in Post-European contact in the Southwest and Plains regions, as well as research into 19th 
century Maya villages in Belize, Central America.

Seyhan Dwellis, Instructor

Roche Lindsey, Instructor

Kimbra Smith, Assistant ProfessorInstructor
Specializes in sociocultural and applied anthropology, anthropology of archaeology in the Andes, construction of racialized categories, and indigenous education initiatives.

Forrest Tierson, Associate Professor / Chair of the Department

Linda Watts, Associate Professor
Specializes in social and cultural anthropology, linguistics, and Native American studies.

Thomas Wynn, Professor
Specializes in prehistoric archaeology.

Biology Department return to top

Jackie Berning, Associate Professor / Chair of the Department
Specializes in general nutrition, sports nutrition, teen nutrition, pediatric nutrition, and obesity.

Sandra Berry-Lowe, Associate Professor
Specializes in plant molecular biology.

Jeff Broker, Assistant Professor
Specializes in sport biomechanics, orthopedic biomechanics (injury mechanisms, tissue adaptations), 
and skill acquisition.

Susan Epperson, Instructor 

Wendy Haggren, Instructor

Lisa Hines, Assistant Professor

Kathleen Maleug, Senior Instructor
Specializes in botany, conservation biology, and economic botany.

James Mattoon, Emeritus Professor

Robert J. Melamede, Associate Professor 
Specializes in free radicals, DNA repair, mutagenesis, antibodies, aging, medical marijuana, open 
system thermodynamics, chaos.

Karen Newell, Associate Professor / Endowed Chair of Biology 
Specializes in effects on cellular metabolism on intercellular communication, free radicals, 
immunology, and heart disease.

Jon Pigage, Assistant Professor

Andrew Subudhi, Assistant Professor
Specializes in human physiology. Researching the effects of altitude on physical performance and cerebral oxygenation.

Tom Wolkow, Assistant Professor

Chemistry Department

David Anderson, Associate Professor

Sonja Braun-Sand, Assistant Professor

Cindy Applegate, Instructor

Larry Augenstein, Instructor

John Balyeat, Instructor

Chet Dymek, Senior Instructor

James Eberhart, Professor
Specializes in the explosive boiling of superheated liquids.

Shelly Haskell, Instructor

Gordon Kresheck, Professor adjunct

Brett Mayer, Instructor

Mary Bethe Neely, Instructor

Radha Pyati, Associate Professor
Specializes in electrochemistry and analytical chemistry.

Ronald Ruminski, Professor / Chair of the Department

Al Schoffstall, Professor

David Weiss, Assistant Professor

Communication Department

Connie Blackmann, Senior Instructor

Stephanie Blake, Assistant Professor

Marguerite Cantu, Senior Instructor

Laura Eurich, Senior Instructor

Adelina Gomez, Associate Professor

Michael Hackman, Professor 
Specializes in organizational communication, leadership and creativity.

William Huddy, Director, Center for Excellence in Oral Communication

Donald Morley, Professor
Specializes in research methods and the interpretation of statistical data.

Sherwyn Morreale, Assistant Professor Director of Graduate Studies in Communition 
Dr. Morreale's main research and teaching interests include instructional communication, public speaking, organizational communication, and the assessment of communication competence. She is the lead author of two communication textbooks and has authored numerous articles and chapters for academic journals, collected volumes and special monographs in the communication discipline. From 1997-2005, Dr. Morreale served as the Associate Director for the National Communication Association.

David R. Nelson, Associate Professor/Chair of Department 
Specializes in film and television.

Pamela Shockley-Zalabak, Professor and Chancellor

Constance Staley, Professor
Specializes in college freshmen, engaging students in the classroom, faculty development, and 
preparing faculty to work effectively with college freshmen. Staley is also the Director of the 
Freshmen Seminar Program.

Janae Stansbery, Instructor

Carmen Stavrositu, Assistant Professor

Janice Thorpe , Instructor

Kim Walker, Professor

Economics Department

Paul Ballantyne, Professor
Specializes in transition economics, economic development, monetary theory and policy, 
and economic education.

John Brock, Senior Instructor

Dale DeBoer, Associate Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in International Economics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, and 
Economics of Information Technologies.

Larry Eubanks, Associate Professor

Daphne Greenwood, Professor
Specializes in public policy, including local economic development, quality of life and sustainability, tax issues, wealth and poverty, as well as forensic economics.

Patricia Shaffer, Instructor

English Department

Cheryl Birkelo, Instructor

Cariann Coleman, Instructor

Debra Dew, Associate Professor / Director of Writing Program
Specializes in writing, rhetoric, literacy theory, writing instruction, and writing assessment.

Jamie Filpi, Instructor

Tony Friedhoff, Instructor

Juliana Frost, Instructor

Lesley Ginsberg, Associate Professor
Specializes in 19th century American literature and early American literature.

Stephanie Gordon, Instructor

Carey Harrington, Senior Instructor

Keri Hemenway, Instructor

Christine Hubbell, Instructor

Alex Ilyasova, Assistant Professor / Director of Techinical Writing

Kathleen Johnson, Senior Instructor

Rebecca Laroche, Associate Professor

June Loterbauery, Instructor

Ceil Malek, Senior Instructor

Quentin Martin, Senior Instructor

Diane Martinez, Instructor

Julie Hoffman Mullebrouck , Instructor

Tom Napierkowski, Professor
Specializes in medieval literature, minority American literature, Slavic literature, the English 
language, and Eastern and Central European culture and politics.

Mary Margaret Nussbaum, Instructor

Kirsten Bartholomew Ortega, Assistant Professor

Soham Patel, Instructor

Ken Pellow, Professor

Sharleen Pisciotta, Instructor

Joan Ray, Professor 
Specializes in 17th-c. British metaphysical poetry and 18th-c. British literature, with an emphasis on Jane Austen. In addition to publishing numerous scholarly articles, Professor Ray is the author of the popular trade book, Jane Austen for Dummies (Wiley, 2006). In spring and summer 2007, she has been working with Miramax Films on the forthcoming film (Aug. 3 release in the US) "Becoming Jane," a fictional bio-pic about Jane Austen's experiences in life and love at age twenty, starring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. Professor Ray assisted with the Austen-aspects of the film's press kit, as well as the other publicity projects for the film. Dr. Ray was the President of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) from 2000-06. She is currently (2007) editing the Dictionary of Literary Biography volume on Austen. In January 2007, she became President of the North American Friends of the Chawton House Library in Hampshire, UK; this is the N. American fund-raising branch [a 501 (c)(3) organization in the US] of the Chawton House Library for the Study of Early Women Writers, located on the estate that once belonged to Jane Austen's brother, Edward, in Chawton, Hampshire, England.

Jeffrey Rubin-Dorsky, Professor (Retired)

David Shults, Instructor

Rashna Singh, Instructor

Susan B. Taylor, Associate Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in British Romanticism, women writers, and critical theory.

Meghan Tifft, Instructor

Sarah Treschl, Instructor

Julie Wheeler, Instructor


Geography and Environmental Studies Department

George Bolling, Senior Instructor (Geology)

Paul Grogger, Associate Professor (Geology)

Eve Gruntfest, Professor
Specializes in disaster and flash flood mitigation.

John Harner, Associate Professor
Specializes in cultural and economic integration between the U.S. and Mexico, applied 
uses of GIS, and urban landscapes.

David Havlick, Assistant Professor

Paddington Hodza , Assistant Professor

Curt Holder, Associate Professor
Specializes in climatology, hydrology, watershed management, biogeography, Latin America, 
and Guatemala.

Carole Huber, Senior Instructor

Tom Huber, Professor

Steven Jennings, Associate Professor
Specializes in biogeography, quaternary environmental change, and forest changes on Pikes 

Michael Larkin, Instructor

Robert Larkin, Professor

Emily Skop, Assistant Professor

History Department

Peter Brumlik, Instructor

Brian Duvick, Assistant Professor

Bernice Forrest, Associate Professor

Paul Harvey, Associate Professor
Specializes in American history, with an emphasis on the South, as well as popular 
culture, music, African-American history, and American religious history.

Barbara Headle, Instructor

Christopher Hill, Professor
Specializes in the history of the Indian subcontinent, the environmental history of the 
American West, and global environmental history.

Christina Jimenez, Associate Professor
Specializes in modern Mexico, urban history of Latin America, US immigration, Latino 
history, and Chicano history.

Janet Myers, Senior Instructor

Judy Price, Senior Instructor

Robert Sackett, Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in modern European history, with an emphasis on German history and culture.

Harlow Sheidley, Associate Professor
Specializes in Massachusetts elite (founders of the early textile mills and their political and intellectual allies), 1815-1850; Transformation of American economy from traditional market economy to market (capitalist) economy in the Post War of 1812 period. Prof. Sheidley is currently working on research for a book about John Quincy Adams and is immediate family (wife and children).

Carole Woodall, Instructor

Richard Wunderli, Professor

Interdepartmental Studies Department

Alexander Soifer, Professor
Alexander Soifer studies beauty, in particular as it is created in Mathematics (Combinatorial 
and Discrete Geometry); Russian, Polish, Italian, European, Japanese Cinema: European 
Avant-Garde Art; and Traditional Art of Western Equatorial Africa. Consequently, he also 
researches history of the above endeavors, and tries to present results of those studies to students 
through a variety of courses.

Humanities Department

Teresa Meadows, Associate Professor / Director of Humanities


Languages and Cultures Department

Suzanne Cook, Instructor
Areas if interest include contemporary French and francophone cultures, the French political system, the French military, French-American relations, as well as second languages and cultures acquisition and teaching.

Edgar Cota-Torres, Assistant Professor
Specializes in US-Mexico Border literature and culture, and in Latino and Chicano literature.

Carmen Frank, Instructor

Blanca Glisson, Senior Instructor

Maria Goni, Senior Instructor

Teresa Meadows, Associate Professor / Chair of the Department

John C. Miller, Professor Emeritus
Specializes in US Latino Literatures and Cultures, Colombia and Gay Latino US writing.

Margaret Mistry, Senior Instructor

Fernando Feliu-Moggi, Assistant Professor
Specializes in 20th century Latin American literature and cinema, literature and journalism, 
and contemporary Latin American art.

Maura Rainey, Instructor

Maria Sergia Steen, Assistant Professor
Specializes in the democracy and culture of Spain, Spanish women writers, 20th century 
Spanish literature, and terrorism in Spain.

Ilse Stratton, Senior Instructor
Specializes in Latin language and culture, as well as German language and culture.

Robert von Dassanowsky, Associate Professor
Specializes in German, Austrian and 
Central European literature and culture, as well as in international film history.

Mathematics Department

Gene Abrams, Professor / Director of MathOnline Program / Faculty associate for the PIPES academy
Research specialization in noncommutative rings and their categories of modules.

Robert Carlson, Professor
Works mainly on connections between differential equations and graph theory.

Radu Cascaval, Assistant Professor

Sarbarish Chakravarty, Professor

James Daly, Professor

Jeremy Haefner, Professor, Dean of Engineering

Jim Henderson, Professor

Shannon Michaux, Instructor

Greg Morrow, Professor

Rinaldo Schinazi, Professor / Chair of Department

Seung Son, Assistant Professor

Yu Zhang, Professor

Military Science Department

LTC James DesJardin
Specializes in leadership development and army values.


Philosophy Department

Lorraine Arangno, Senior Instructor

Frederic Bender, Professor

Terry Clark, Instructor

Mary Ann Cutter, Professor
Specializes in biomedical ethics, professional ethics, ethics of death and dying, genetics, and 
the philosophy of medicine.

Mark Flory, Instructor

Christal Frakes, Instructor

Dorothea Olkowksi, Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in Deleuze, Merleau-Ponty, Feminist Theory and Aesthetics.

Raphael Sassower, Professor

Jeffrey Scholes, Lecturer

Mary Jane Sullivan, Instructor

Sonja Tanner, Assistant Professor
Specializes in Ancient Greek Philosophy and History of Philosophy.

Rex Welshon, Associate Professor
Specializes in philosophy of the mind, analytic metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and Nietzsche.

Patrick Yarnell, Senior Instructor


Physics & Energy Science Department

James F. Burkhart, Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in radon: testing, measurement, and the health effects of inhalation.

Robert Camley, Professor
Specializes in magnetism, magnetic materials, theoretical physics, solid state physics, and high 
frequency communication.

Zbigniew Celinski, Professor
Specializes in magnetism and magnetic nanostructures.

Thomas M. Christensen, Professor / Dean of the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences 
Specializes in astronomy, optics, teaching, thin film physics, and solid state physics.

Robert Gist, Instructor

Anatoliy Glushchenko, Assistant Professor

Marek Grabowski, Associate Professor

Sam Milazzo, Senior Instructor

Ramon Tirado, Instructor

Political Science Department

James Colvin, Instructor
Specializes in Public Law

Joshua Dunn, Assistant Professor

Patricia M. Keilbach, Assistant Professor
Specializes in international relations, comparative politics, international environmental politics, international political economy and European politics.

C. David Moon, Professor, Associate VCAA

James Null, Professor / Chair of Department and Director of the Center for the Study of Government and the Individual. Specializes in American Politics and Processes, Political Theory, State and local Political Systems, and Public Administration.

Leonard Riley, Lecturer 
Specializes in American Politics

Jon Shields, Assistant Professor
Specializes in American Politics and Processes and political behavior.

Paul Sondrol, Associate Professor


Psychology Department

Z. Benek Altayli, Visiting Assistant Professor

Charles Benight, Professor
Specializes in the study of the biopsychosocial adaptation from trauma.

Frederick L. Coolidge, Professor
Specializes in behavioral genetics, evolution of modern thinking, personality disorders, 
gender identity, and bullying.

Robin Cornwell, Assistant Research Professor

John Crumlin, Assistant Research Professor

Hasker P. Davis, Professor
Specializes in cognitive changes across the lifespan.

Robert Durham, Associate Professor 
Specializes in program evaluation and attitudes and etiology of sexual abuse.

Leilani Feliciano, Assistant Professor

Livia L. Gilstrap, Assistant Professor
Specializes in forensic interviews with children

Edie Greene, Professor
Specializes in psychology and the law.

Abeer Ibrahim, Instructor

Lori James, Assistant Professor
Specializes in cognition and cognitive aging.

Michael Kisley, Assistant Professor
Specializes in neuroscience and studies of the brain.

Kelli Klebe, Associate Professor / Chair of Department 
Specializes in applied quantitative psychology and program evaluation.

Tom Pyszczynski, Professor
Specializes in psychological effects of terrorism, the effects of culture on coping mechanisms,
and the psychological implications of modern, global politics.

Sara Qualls, Professor / Kraemer Family Professor of Aging Studies 
Specializes in aging and mental health, aging families, and translating aging research to community settings.

Daniel L. Segal, Professor
Specializes in clinical geropsychology, the assessment of psychopathology among older adults, suicide prevention and aging, and the expression and impact of personality disorders across the lifespan.

Sandy K. Wurtele, Professor
Specializes in child abuse prevention, abuse across the lifespan, lifespan development, and 
human subjects protection issues.

Brian Yochim, Assistant Professor
Specializes in clinical neuropsychology, the assessment of dementia, and the impact of depression on cognitive functioning in older adults.


Sociology Department

Heather Albanesi, Assistant Professor

Jay Coakley, Professor Emeritus

Michele Companion, Assistant Professor

Lynda Dickson, Associate Professor / Chair of Department

Richard Dukes, Professor

Abby Ferber, Professor
Specializes in race, gender and diversity, the white supremacist movement and hate crimes.

Robert Hughes, Professor Emeritus

Sterling Jenkins, Instructor

Vicki Kugler, Instructor

Kate Lane, Lecturer

Aditi Mitra, Assistant Professor

Edwardo Portillos, Assistant Professor

Pat Walker, Instructor

Kee Warner, Professor

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Suzanne MacAulay / Chair of Department

Art History

Elissa Auther, Assistant Professor / Director 
Specializes in Modern and Contemporary Art History.

Suzanne MacAulay, Associate Professor / Chair of Department
Specializes in Art History

Film Studies

Teresa Meadows, Associate Professor/ Acting Director 
Robert von Dassanowsky
, Professor/ Director of Film Studies 

Gallery of Contemporary Art

Christopher Lynn, Instructor / Director 
Specializes in Gallery and Museum Practice

Karin Larkin, Instructor 
Specializes in Gallery and Museum Practice


Glen Whitehead, Assistant Professor / Director

Curtis Smith, Senior Instructor


Drew Martorella, Producing Director of Theatreworks

Murray Ross, Artistic Director of Theatreworks

Michael Stansbery, Instructor

Laura Tesman, Assistant Professor / Director

Visual Arts

Matt Barton, Assistant Professor

Valerie Brodar, Associate Professor / Director 
Specializes in digital media, installation art, video, and audio.

Louis Cicotello, Professor Emeritus

Carol Dass, Instructor

Corey Drieth, Assistant Professor

Lin Fife, Professor Emeritus

Pauline Foss , Senior Instructor


Women's and Ethnic Studies Program

Abby Ferber, Associate Professor 
Specializes in race, gender and diversity, the white supremacist movement and hate crimes.

Andrea Herrera, Professor
Specializes in ethnic studies, women's studies, Cuban studies, multicultural and postcolonial 

Abeer Ibrahim, Instructor

Aditi Mitra, Assistant Professor

Dena Samuels, Senior Instructor
Specializes in race, gender, oppression and privilege and curriculum development.

Becky Thompson PhD., Director of Women's and Ethnic Studies (WEST)

Carole Woodall, Instructor