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Dean Peter Braza

Welcome to the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Whether you are joining us as an undergraduate or graduate student, you will find that we are more than a traditional liberal arts and sciences college. First, you have access to extraordinary faculty. We have philosophy professors whose syllogistic arguments will make your head spin, art professors who will awaken your creative potential, math professors whose limits extend well beyond calculus, psychology professors who know your every motivation, and literature professors who have plumbed the depths of the human condition. Yet, we are much more. Foremost, we are focused on our students becoming successful in their academic, professional, and personal lives. How do we do that? Through our:

Focus on teaching --- We instill attributes employers consistently want!

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n  Effective communication skills   n  Strong analytical reasoning  n  Creative thinking

Focus on experiential learning --- Gain practical knowledge through real-world activities!

n  Internships: They bolster resumes and make you more employable
n  Service-learning courses: Connect classroom concepts to service experiences
n  Research opportunities with faculty: The best way to learn

We call these Peak Learning Experiences – Find out more and explore!

Peter A. Braza, Dean

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Reasons to Join Our College

Our mission is YOUR success.

We offer Peak Learning Experiences, practical experiences including internships and research with faculty.

You’ll join a great group of people, more than half of UCCS students are enrolled in LAS.

By taking courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, you will gain breadth of knowledge across many disciplines.

Our distinguished faculty will teach you to think, create, and communicate, skills highly desired by employers and graduate schools and transferable to many different careers.

LAS Highlights

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