Tutoring and Staff

Tutor Assisting Students We provide one-on-one tutoring in Spanish, ASL, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

Our tutors like to chat about language and culture and want to help the UCCS community with all their language learning needs.

Drop by and practice your speaking skills with us!

We now provide tutoring for intro  Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, and Economics.

Tutors  (see link for tutor hours  bottom of page)

Spanish –  Alex, Derrek, Esilda, Kate, Michelle, and Myriam

German –  Sabine

French –  Robbie and Manon

Japanese - Ken and Sae

Chinese - Xijuan  T/Th 9:45-10:45  F 9:00-10:00

ASL –  Beth

ESL - Sara  Tu/Th 11-1  Sat: 10-12

Social Sciences Tutors

We welcome our Social Science Tutors Spring 2014. LC is abbreviation for Language Center located in Dwire 270!

Anthropology –  Connor for ANTH 1020, 1030, 1040 in Language Center (LC) T/W/Th 2-4

Geography Mollie, GES 2050,1000,1010 Columbine 331 Mon 2-4; in LC Fri 9-11; Chris, GES1000,1010 in LC W 5-7

Psychology –  Michael for PSY 1000 in LC Mon 3-5 and Th 2:30-4

Economics– Max:  ECON1000,1010,1050, 2020; MW 3-7 Tu/Th 11-12;  Emily: TuTh 12-2  Dwire 266 or LC Dwire 270

 LC  Tutor Schedule Spring 2014