Karen Possehl Women's Endowment

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KPWE Thank You

KPWE provides opportunities for talented and deserving non-traditional students (generally 25 and over) who have had barriers to completing education to attend the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). These non-traditional students gain the freedom and confidence to invest their energies more fully in their coursework and to pursue experiences that enrich their personal development and career preparations. Students receive not only financial support to go towards tuition, but are also paired with a mentor from the Colorado Springs business community to foster skills development and to enter the job market with a positive future. Those with children also receive support for childcare expenses, and scholars are hosted throughout the year at workshops to develop their leadership skills. 

2015 KPWE Graduating Scholars with the Possehls and Unstoppable Woman Jan Martin"Thank you KPWE for investing in me, believing in me, and encouraging me. Who would've thought I could be a Mechanical Engineer? All those supporting the Karen Possehl [Program] saw some drive in me. I hope I made you proud and influenced one woman out there reading this that there is no excuse. Just do it!"  
~ Nicole W., 2014 KPWE Graduate

"I will say this for the rest of my life - I would not have graduated and reached my dreams without KPWE. THANK YOU for the support you have given me. Words cannot describe how amazing this journey has been with your support, dedication, and love."
~  Sarah H. 2014 KPWE Graduate

"The Karen Possehl Women's Endowment gave me the freedom to actively raise my daughter while pursuing my educational goals. KPWE offers a network of dedicated women who embrace your desire to succeed."
~  Ayesha J., 2005 KPWE Graduate

 2015 Graduating KPWE Scholars with the Possehls & 2015 Unstoppable Woman Jan Martin