AmreekaAmreeka | Swank Motion Pictures
Amreeka chronicles the adventures of Muna, a single mother who leaves the West Bank with Fadi, her teenage son, with dreams of an exciting future in the promised land of small town Illinois.  In America, as her son navigates high school hallways the way he used to move through military checkpoints, the indomitable Muna scrambles together a new life.

OlivesThe Color of Olives | ABD / Typecast Films
The Amer family lives surrounded by the infamous West Bank Wall, where their daily lives are dominated by electrified fences, locked gates and a constant swarm of armed soldiers. This unique and intimate documentary shares their private world,

PomegrantesFor a Moment, Freedom | Les films du Losange
This film tells the odyssey of three Iranians groups of refugees: a married couple with a child, two young men with two children, and two men who are friends despite the differences between them. They have all managed to escape from Iran and Iraq, but now they are stuck in the Turkish capital. This enforced break in their journey towards independence is characterised by both hope and utter uncertainty.

PomegrantesPomegranates and Myrrh | Ustura Films
Dancer Kamar's joyful wedding to Zaid is followed almost immediately by Zaid's imprisonment in an Israeli jail for refusing to give up his land. Free-spirited Kamar wants to support her husband and be a dutiful wife but struggles with the idea of giving up dance and her own dreams.

Winterland Bawke | Norwegian Film Institute
They have been on the run for a long time, a man and his very young son. When they reach their destination, they realize they are still in trouble. In the end the father is forced to make a choice of two evils to provide for his sons future.

WinterlandWinterland | Norwegian Film Institute
Renas, a Kurdish refugee who lives in Northern Norway, has everything he wants, but misses a woman. He marries a woman from his home country whom he has never seen, after having arranged a wedding in Iraq with a kind of substitute bridegroom. But the marriage has a difficult start when Fermesk arrives in Norway.