The hallmark of a university education is the cultivation of intentional learners who adapt to new settings, integrate knowledge quickly, and continue to learn throughout their lives. Such intentional learners are informed about their social and natural milieu, empowered by their analytical and critical thinking skills, and awakened to their responsibilities as citizens in a diverse democracy.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Honors Program serves rigorously trained students who share a desire to become intentional learners. Honors at UCCS offers students a choice of two levels of participation: University Honors or Mountain Lion Honors. Students in both programs work with specifically selected and highly qualified faculty in smaller class settings, thus encouraging them to engage in a collaborative, vigorous intellectual life that prepares them for admission to and success in graduate and professional schools. Both University and Mountain Lion Honors students also have access to the Honors Lounge in Library 231, are afforded early registration and enhanced library check-out privileges, are given the opportunity to live on the Honors Floor in UCCS Housing, participate in the annual Honors off-site retreat, and are given special recognition at UCCS graduation and on UCCS transcripts.

University Honors and Mountain Lion Honors students enter as a cohort, taking a special section of the First-Year Seminar, called Gray Matters, designed specifically for them (GPS 1010 for freshmen and GPS 3010 for continuing students). In the spring semester of their first year in the Program, students take an Honors Dedicated section of Public Speaking (COMM 2100). During their next three years, University Honors students enroll in at least three Honors Dedicated and/or Designated courses; Honors Dedicated courses are small sections of courses reserved especially for them while Honors Designated courses allow Honors credit to be earned by arranging distinctive course requirements in classes selected by the student. Finally, University Honors students register for their Honors Senior Thesis (ID 4950) and Mountain Lion Honors students register for their departmental capstone course in their major.

Students selcted as part of the 2016 honors cohort can sign up for an "honors only" orientation scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2016. If you have received a letter of acceptance into the University or Mountain Lion Honors programs and wish to attend the April 16 orientation, please click HERE.

Our Vision

Scholars working together with a commitment to service, personal growth, and the development of a strong academic and social community.