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Dr. Greg Tumbush





1/2 time Instructor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Phone: 719-321-3600
Office: ENGR 222
Website: www.uccs.edu/gtumbush

Office Hours:
Monday after 4242/5242 class (ends at 7:20pm)

Course Information
Advanced Verification Methodology: ECE 4280/5280
Advanced Digital Design Methodology: ECE 4242/5242
Rapid Prototyping with FPGA's: ECE 4211/5211
Advanced Digital Design Methodology Lab: ECE 4200
Freshman Seminar Presentation

Tools and Tool Help
Instructions on accessing the Linux server LATS1
Instructions on running Modelsim/QuestaSim on Windows server ClaaS
ModelSim/QuestaSim Help
Unix Cheat Sheet
Synthesis Tutorial
Xilinx ISE 10.1 Documents
Moving files between the Windows Share and LATS1
Verilog Linting Tool

Published Papers