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El Paso County Natural Hazards Clearinghouse (interactive web map)

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University of Colorado at Boulder - Department of Geography

University of Colorado at Denver - Department of Geography

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  • GIS Information
  • Free GIS Software
    Links to Maps and other Geospatial Data
  • Census Information
  • Map Galleries
  • Interactive Maps & Online GIS
  • GIS Applications
  • GPS Information
  • General Disaster Info Resources
  • Tornadoes Earthquakes Hurricanes
  • Droughts/Flash Fires Floods
  • ightning Blizzards Other Natural Disaster Possibilities
  • Terrorism and Other Unexpected Catastrophe Info
  • Some Trauma Centers Nationwide

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Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies,
Columbine Hall, COH2
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 80918
Phone: 719.262.4065
Fax: 719.262.4066


BA in Geography
Dr. Robert Larkin

MA in Applied Geography
Dr. John Harner