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Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


B.S., University of Utah
M.S., University of Utah
Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Dr. Jennings came to CU-Colorado Springs in the Fall of 1997. Before joining CU-Colorado Springs, Jennings was an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. He has taught classes on Earth Systems Science, Field Methods, Thematic Cartography, Global Climatic Regions, Quaternary Geomorphology, and Plant Geography.

Dr. Jennings’ research interests include biogeography, specifically changes in plant communities on Pikes Peak. Methodologies and techniques in teaching.

Recent Publications:


Jennings, S. A. and E. C. Gruntfest, Floods in Handbook of Weather, Climate and Water: Atmospheric Chemistry, Hydrology and Societal Impacts. (T. D. Potter and B. R. Coleman, Eds.) Wiley & Sons, pp. 691-708.


Pikes Peak as a cultural icon, how a mountain became an American symbol, Cheyenne Mountain Kiva 6(1):8-13 and 6(2):8-9


Implications of stream impoundment on Yegua Creek, Texas, Journal of Environmental Systems 27: 293-310.
1996 Analysis of pollen contained in middens from the White Mountains and Volcanic Tableland of Eastern California, Palynology 20: 5-13.

An evaluation of the influence of travel on the geographic knowledge of college students, International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 5: 45-54.


Late Pleistocene changes in pinyon and juniper distributions in the White Mountain region of California and Nevada, Physical Geography 16: 276-288.


editor. Fundamental Applications of Physical Geography, Burgess Publishing.


Jennings, S.A. and D.L. Elliott-Fisk. Packrat midden evidence of late Quaternary vegetation change in the White Mountains, California-Nevada, Quaternary Research 39: 214-221.


Using an urban "attractiveness index" as a method in teaching college level field geography, Journal of Geography 92: 41-42.


Jennings, S.A. and D.L. Elliott-Fisk. Late Pleistocene and Holocene changes in plant community composition in the White Mountain region, Natural History of Eastern California and High-altitude Research, White Mountain Research State Symposium, Vol. 2, (C.A. Hall V. Doyle-Jones and B. Widawski, Eds.), pp. 1-17.


Late Quaternary vegetation changes in the White Mountain region, The Mary DeDecker Symposium, Plant Biology of Eastern California, Natural History of the White-Inyo Range Symposium , Vol. 2, (C.A. Hall and V. Doyle-Jones, Eds.) pp. 139-147.

Steve Jennings
Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150
(719) 262-4056 (719) 262-4066 (fax)

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Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies,
Columbine Hall, COH2
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 80918
Phone: 719.262.4065
Fax: 719.262.4066


BA in Geography
Dr. Robert Larkin

MA in Applied Geography
Dr. John Harner