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Professor Eve Gruntfest
Department of Geography
and Environmental Studies
University of Colorado
at Colorado Springs PO Box 7150
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150
voice: (719) 262 4058
fax: 719-262-4066

Picture of Eve Gruntfest

January 2007 - Two major projects

(1) Weather and Society – Integrated Studies ( WAS*IS) Developing a cadre of physical and social scientists dedicated to culture change to actively incorporate societal impacts into meteorology. The new “gang” of researchers and practitioners will move the social impact efforts from being an “add-on” to meteorological forecasts or research efforts to being an integral part of new project development for scientists and practitioners.

WAS*IS is going to change what *WAS* to what *IS* the future of integrated weather studies

Next workshop end of January near Melbourne Australia.

Be notified of the likely WAS*IS Summer 2007 workshop in Boulder ---

Email me….

(2) The Warning Project – Increasing understanding of short-fuse weather warnings—a four year National Science Foundation project studying flash flood and tornado warning perceptions in Austin, TX and Denver, CO

A research collaboration with Dr. Charles Benight (UCCS psychology), Julie Demuth and Mary Hayden (NCAR), Sheldon Drobot (CU Boulder), Lindsey Barnes (U of South Carolina), and David Schultz (Finnish Meteorological Services)

See a recent clip from our presentation in Austin: ]