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Alumni Questionnaire

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Geography and Environmental Studies alumni --  Use this register to share information about your education and your career with other alumni, current students, and faculty.  For those of you who have been in contact with us before, feel free to update your information as appropriate.  Thanks.


Graduation Information:
Year Graduated from UCCS

Did you continue on to get a Master's or Ph.D.?

Degree(s) Obtained

School (s) attended

Contact Information:

E-mail address

Can we publish your e-mail on the web?
Yes No
Home phone number

Work Phone Number

Mailing Address


Career Information:

Where do you work? (Company name and location)
What is your job title?
How long have you been there?
Tell us about your job and job duties
What other "geography" related jobs have you had?
Would you be interested in a MA in Geography at UCCS? If yes tell us what you would be interested in.
Students always like to learn about employment opportunities, would you be interested in being a mentor to current students?
Yes No
Anything else you want to share with the department or with the students?
Do you know the address, phone number, and e-mail address of any ohter alumni?   Please share with us, we would like to have an up-to-date list.

Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies,
Columbine Hall, COH2
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 80918
Phone: 719.262.3016
Fax: 719.262.4066


BA in Geography
Dr. Robert Larkin

MA in Applied Geography
Dr. John Harner