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Alumni Information


Listed below is the information we have been able to obtain from our GES alumni.
The information they provided is in response to questions about education, careers, adventures, and life in general. As you will see, the paths they have chosen after graduation vary greatly, but they all have one thing in common - their basic love of geography.

This is a relatively new project and we are still collecting information, so check back to get the latest information. We would love to hear from all our "alums" - so please leave your new or updated information on the Alumni Register.



Donna Arkowski

Graduated in 1997

Advanced Degree: MSBS
Other Schools: UCCS

Work: Pikes Peak Community College
Job title: Adjunct Instructor
Length at Job: since 1997
Job Description:  Teaching geography (regional, physical, economic) Other Jobs:  Consulting work for environmental site assessments; research projects for groundwater issues, traffic effects on noise and air pollution. Submitted 3/99

Cheryl Ann Beck Graduated in 1993. Also received a T.E.P. certificate. I teach kindergarten at Widefield Elementary in District 3.I married Randy Mummert on July 11th, 1993 (I kept my maiden name) and I am a proud parent of a college graduate and Americore volunteer.

Submitted 1/97

Rebecca Berson  rberson@hotmail.comGraduated in 1995I am currently finishing my last semester of graduate school doing a practicum in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an environmental sustainability organization called New Mexico Friends of The Natural Step. I hope to get a job after this as a community organizer somewhere in the west. I have applied for a job as the Northwest Montana Regional Community Organizer and have just begun my search for other environmentally-oriented positions.The Audubon Expedition Institute is the greatest adventure I have been on since graduation from UCCS. It is a traveling experiential program for both graduate students and undergraduates. My first semester was spent in the Pacific Northwest and we met with anyone from loggers to activists and went on backpacking trips in British Columbia, Olympic National Park in Washington and Point Reyes National Sea Shore in California. My second semester was spent in the Gulf Coast from Texas through Louisiana across Mississippi and Alabama over to Florida and Georgia. We learned about Cajun culture and the role water plays in the south - among zillions of other topics. My third and final semester on the bus (we travel in a converted school bus which houses 500 books, kitchen, and living space for up to 23 people) was spent in the Gulf of Maine during which we went kayaking on Cape Cod and backpacking on the island of Grand Manan off the coast of New Brunswick Canada. These are small bits of the amazing learning adventure I shared with other environmentally motivated people. For more information on this incredible program you can check out AEI’s web site - or call Lesley College for more information 1-800-999-1959.
Submitted 3/99

James F. Coakley  kola@usa.netYear Graduated: 1977

Advanced Degree: M.A.; Ph.D. Candidate
Other Schools: University of Wyoming, University of Denver

Work at: Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Job title: Professor of Geography
Length at Job: 6+ years

I teach the entire spectrum of Geography and Geology courses for Pikes Peak Community College. I have taught at 25 different locations and I have correspondence course students from 6 different continents in over 30 countries.Other jobs:  Summer 1977, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (Seasonal employee) 1978-1980, District Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America. Summer 1982, United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation (Seasonal employee) 20+ years of professional and volunteer fund raising experience.Other:  Over 35 years of volunteer and professional service with the Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver Award Past member, United States Jaycees Current member, Kiwanis Club of Colorado Springs Two-time candidate, Colorado State Legislature, 1990 and 1992 Published Author 5 time uncle Active with my church One of only three registered Democrats in El Paso County Colorado (and a liberal one at that).
Submitted 3/99

Nancy Conover Graduated in 1979. Emphases of study: Physical and Environmental I continued to raise a family and did not pursue a career in my field. I continue to study and gather information about all aspects of life. I think I'm an eternal student, and "academia" is my first love. I was also an assistant in the department under Dr. Beyer and Dr. Larkin. I'd like to do some volunteer work in the department if something were available. Perhaps I could stop by and get reacquainted. I presently volunteer at the Womens Resource Agency while adjusting to a retired husband and the "comings and goings" of our grandchildren.
Submitted 4/97

Alison Coursey

Graduated in 1998

Work at: ASI Intelligraphics, Colorado Springs
Job title: GIS Technician
Length at Job: Less than 1 year
Job Description:  scanning, digitizing, qc'ing processing and compilation of completed mapsI would like to return for an MA. in physical geography, especially if the geology department was expanded. Submitted 3/99

Carol A. Donaldson
Graduated: 1991

Work at: E.L. Donaldson D.D.S.
Job title: Receptionist
Length at Job: 3-5 years Job Description:  It's a family business and we're working toward the goal of full time traveling in less than a year. We are retiring at the end of 1999 and in a sense I will become a full time geographer then. We are planning to travel at least ten months out of every year, and I can't wait to see what new experiences the future holds. It would be great if UCCS could get a graduate geography program! My interest is in Biogeography.

Sumitted 4/99

James (Jimmy) Eflin Graduated in 1976

M.A. at CU-Boulder, 1978, Geography (although degree obtained from Boulder, many of the classes were taken at UCCS); Thesis title: Illustration of Geographic Concepts

Ph.D. from University of Washington, 1987, Geography; Dissertation Title: Technology and Social Power: Social Action, Intentional Technology and the Social Basis of Space-Time Autonomy

I am on the faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental management at Ball State University. I teach courses in Energy Studies, Environmental Planning, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources of a Geographical Area.

My doctoral work emphasized social and political implications of technology change focusing on urban geographic and historical examples.

I went on to teach at the University of South Florida in Urban Geography, Cartography plus several other fields and at Indiana University at Indianapolis, Urban Human, and Economic Geography. After a one year hiatus and the birth of a child, I was hired at Ball State University.

Additionally, I have interests in social theory and in environmental ethics.

I greatly miss UCCS and Colorado Springs.

Submitted 1/97

Charlie Falkenmayer Graduated in 1982 Masters of Arts, Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University in Colorado Springs I Joined the Air Force in 1984 and went to pilot training. I flew T-33s in Hawaii for two years, then trained in California on the F-4G. Then spent 3 years in Germany flying F-4Gs. Spent Desert Storm in Turkey and flew 16 combat missions as a "Wild Weasel." I was back in Colorado Springs from 1991 - September 1996 - first at the Air Force Academy flying gliders and then at Fort. Carson advising the army. Now I'm a Major, flying T-38 trainers at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas, and should be here until March of 2000. I've been lucky to visit New Zealand, Australia, and most of Europe in the last 13 years of being in the military. Karen (also a UCCS alum) and I divorced 2 years ago, and still she still lives in Colorado Springs. I definitely miss Colorado after only six months! I'm not looking forward to tornado season, but at least I'm still flying! Sheppard is home to a NATO program, so I fly with instructors and students from all over Europe, which is lots of fun.
Submitted 3/97

Robin Franco (Dickerson) Graduated in 1984. Emphasis of study: Environmental Science I have been working for Nations Band (and its predecessors) for 10 years. I am currently the Energy Finance Divisions Environmental Analyst. I audit Environmental Impact Statements prepared for our customers (oil & gas companies). I work with the EPA and other federal and state agencies to search for Superfund sites and investigate compliance violations. Since oil and gas companies are some of the biggest environmental polluters, I feel it's important to encourage their trend toward accountability. Most large oil and gas companies are some of the biggest environmental polluters, I feel its important to encourage their trend toward accountability. Most large oil and gas companies have environmentalists on staff to make sure they are in compliance with environmental regulations. Lots of job opportunities out there! After a three-year stint in Flagstaff, Arizona, I have been in Denver since 1987. I married Leo Franco that year and we have two kids ages 10 months and 4 1/2 years old.
Submitted 4/97

Pamela Franklin Graduated in 1993. Emphasis of Study: Cultural Geography Work at: Words & Images
Job title: Writer/Editor
Length at Job: 3-5 years Job Description:  I'm a freelance writer and editor with several clients in the Colorado Springs area and one in California. Currently, I'm the editor of SpringsStyle magazine - the premier lifestyle magazine of the Pikes Peak region. An extended trip to China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines was my latest overseas adventure in 1995 - it was my 5th trip to Asia. Highlights include walking on the Great Wall, visiting the Forbidden City, bicycling through the streets of Beijing, touring a silk factory in Suzhou, staying at the famous Peace Hotel in Shanghai, eating wonderful food and sailing on the South China Sea.

Several recent trips to California have taken me to San Francisco, Yosemite and the Los Angeles area. Yes, I'd be interested in a MA in Geography at UCCS with an emphasis in cultural geography!!Submitted 3/97
Updated 4/99

Kathryn Franz Graduated in 1990. Emphasis of study: Physical Geography I am an EMT and work part-time as a ski-patroller at Loveland Basin. I consider this my fun job. It is actually a volunteer position. In the real world, I run an Architectural firm by the name of Fritzlen Pierce Briner up in Vail. I have been with the architects for 4 years now. After graduation, I took advantage of a program called BUNAC, and spent a year living in London. It was an incredible opportunity and a great experience. While living in London, I was able to travel all over Europe.

Submitted 3/97

Catherine Gehret (formerly Hoscheit) Graduated in 1991. Emphasis of study: Remote Sensing & GIS I worked for EDSAT for 1+ years as an image analyst and applications specialist. I also worked for the State of Colorado doing image classification work of the Rio Grande National Forest. I did proposal work for an environmental firm along with a little (very) GIS. I am now working for Space Imaging EDSAT as a technical writer/proposal specialist and will be transferring to customer service.

Submitted 3/97

Sara Hartup

Graduated in 1992

Advanced Education: yes
Advanced Degree: MBS
Other Schools: UCCS

Work at: NSR Information, Mark Dabling, Colo Spgs
Job title: Software Quality Engineer
Length at Job: 1-2 year(s)
Job description:  Assess software modifications done to global information system.I would be interested in opportunities in the environmental education field.Submitted 3/99

Torin Haskell Graduated in 1994. Emphasis of study: Distributed Studies (Geology/Geography) Following the reception of my degree, I became an intern for the Hazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program (HAZWRAP). For this position I relocated to the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation in Oak Ridge, TN. In this position I was involved with several superfund environmental restoration programs. Because the outlook for gainful employment in the Oak Ridge area looked bleak, I moved back to Colorado Springs and accepted a position with Analytical Surveys, Inc. Here I expanded my knowledge of GIS and the mapping industry and moved on to Merrick & Company. I'm currently employed at Merrick where I market GIS mapping services.

Submitted 3/97

Edward L. Hocker
Work at: Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall, Inc
Job title: Senior Transportation Planner
Length at Job: Less than 1 year

DMJM is a national architectural and engineering firm with a transportation planning office in Colorado Springs. I conduct long range transportation plans, traffic studies, corridor studies and also do policy analysis. These projects often involve significant public participation and interaction with local, state and federal officials.Had a similar job with Colorado Department of Transportation.
Submitted 3/99

Jon B. Kanas Graduated in 1978 Advanced Degree: MBA
Other Schools: University of PhoenixWork at: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Job title: Planetary Components Test Facility Administrator
Length at Job: 6+ yearsJob description:  I manage and administer a computer simulation and software development facility which is used for the creation and testing of software which is employed in the operation of interplanetary exploration spacecraft. The programs currently supported by this lab are associated with the exploration of Mars.Other jobs:  My first position out of UCCS was as a systems analyst for a company which employed computerized plotters to create maps of public utilities infrastructure.My BA in Geography opened the door for me to the world of computers, where I have been consistently and comfortably employed for 20+ years. Life is a continuous learing experience which for me truly began at UCCS. Life is not long enough to let those with a narrow focus restrict your vision.I ended up in Longmont. It reminds me of Colorado Springs before the developers ruined it. Now I am active in an anti-growth group in Longmont. We're trying, but I am not convinced we're succeeding. One wife, two children, one old house, two dogs, two cats, one frog, and too many sports cars. I've completely lost contact with any of my co-students. If you're out there, use your e-mail. Hello to Paul Grogger.

Submitted 3/97
Updated 4/99

Priscilla Kaufmann Graduated in 1985. Emphasis of study: Cultural Geography M.A. - University of Nebraska, Omaha, 1987. Emphasis of study: Cultural/Historical Geography Currently I am working as a Code Development Planner for King County, Washington, which is in the Puget Sound/Seattle region. My job is extremely interesting and involves research and writing land use regulations and representing the King County Executive when these regulations are submitted to the Council for review and approval. I love the research and writing and hate the politics of legislative review, but its part of the job. It is an interesting time to be a Planner in the state of Washington. In 1990 the state legislature passed the Growth Management Act which, in a nutshell, required that infrastructure and services be in place at the time of development and established an urban - rural line. The challenge is to convince the urban areas to accept more density and to restrict development in the rural areas to the extent that is legally defensible. Planning departments and professionals across the nation have been following Washington's Growth Management Act with interest, but I think the jury is still out on its effectiveness in addressing the pressure of growth. My personal life continues to be interesting. In 1995 my husband of thirty-one years, Mike, accepted a job as Environmental Health Manager for San Juan county, Washington. for those of you who don't have your atlas close by (shame of you) the San Juan Islands are an archipelago of approximately 172 small islands located off the coast of Washington state between the United States mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are unbelievably beautiful. Since my job is near Seattle, I commute by ferry to the San Juans on weekends and return to the city on Monday. It makes life a bit hectic, but I feel I have the best of both worlds. We have purchased property on San Juan Island overlooking Haro Straits toward Vancouver Island. The nation's only whale-watching park is on San Juan Island, and we can see Orca whales from our property in the summer months when they move into the San Juan waters. Sometimes I have a real hard time returning to the city on Monday. Our daughter, Kathryn, is married to a wonderful man named Jordan and they have a daughter, Sophie, who is the joy of our life. Katheryn is a consultant with Howard Johnson & Company, a national human resources consulting firm. Jordan is an electrical engineer. They live and work in Seattle. I have such fond memories of my time as a student at UCCS. It was a time of tremendous personal growth and challenge and I will always be grateful to the UCCS Geography and Environmental Studies faculty, particularly Bob, Tom, Eve and Jackie for making that such a special time in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would love to hear from my classmates or any students who would like information about my work, San Juans, Seattle, coffee. . .

Submitted 3/97

Marla Kent Graduated 1989 I am a frame attendant for US West Communications. My job involves running telephone wiring in the central office, troubleshooting and testing phone lines.

My previous work experience includes working for the USDA Forest Service and Park County Tourism.

I am married to Keith Kent. We have three daughters: Jenni, Juli and Kati.

I have been involved in a grass roots effort to start a charter school. I was involved in negotiations with Park RE-2, Strategy development, community awareness, etc. Our efforts culminated in the establishment of the Lake George - Guffy Charter School.

Submitted 3/97

Kandis Kile
Graduated: May 1996

Advanced Degree: Master's in education
Other Schools: Regis University

Working on finishing my degree.Submitted 4/99

Bruce Kliche Graduated in 1992. Emphasis of study: Cartography and Remote Sensing I was fortunate to be able to get a job at Analytical Survey's Inc., (ASI) and start the day before graduation! I've been able to "climb the ladder" and work my way up to my present position (Manager, Digital Imaging Department) in just 4 years.

Submitted 3/97

Richard (Rich) Lehmann Graduated in 1982. Emphasis of study: Geology Completed 28 of 30 semester hours required for a Master's degree at CU-Boulder. Presently have completed a total of 42 graduate hours in Geology, Oceanography, and Geography at CU-Boulder and at the University of Southern Mississippi. Since March of 1985, I have worked at the Naval Oceanographic Office on Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. I am presently a GS-12 Physical Scientist in the Tactical Support Code, N72. My position is as the Tactical Oceanography Refresher (TOR) Coordinator, which encompasses the design, development, and presentation of lectures and briefs to U.S. Navy and U.S. government personnel, as affiliated with Tactical Oceanography. I teach oceanography related to UnderSea Warfare (USW) and the integration of oceanographic considerations into the tactical decision-making process. I provide onboard training and practical support to commands on aircraft, surface ships, and submarines. Essentially, the job is to make everyone aware that the environment (oceanography) is a major factor in most every issue they face. During the last twelve years, I have done a little bit of traveling. I have visited five of the seven continents and have viewed human and physical geography and geology from a hands-on perspective. I have climbed on Mt. Fuji, photographed giraffes at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, rode the trolley up Mt. Victoria, watched the sunset at Carmel beach, smelled the sulfur fumes in Kilaeua, dodged waterspouts off of Nova Scotia and Roatan, wandered through the Lourve, bartered in the city market of Guayaquil, purchased gold and perfume in Bahrain, and sipped on pina coladas on the beach in Barbados. Funny thing! My last two vacations have been spent in the mountains of Colorado. The world really is beautiful, but nothing combines the beauty and comfort of Colorado.

Submitted 3/97

Elaina Leo I own an electronic repair business in Divide, CO. I am also playing in the Real Estate market - buying good land low and selling high. To a degree, I'm using my Geography studies to help me in determining what parcels of land are suitable to build on, etc. Hi to all my old professors and classmates. Hope all are doing well.

Submitted 3/97

Leslie McKenzie Graduated in 1995. Emphasis of study: GIS Since graduation I have been working in GIS. Immediately after graduation I worked at Analytical Surveys Inc., but soon realized digitizing was not what I was meant to do. Last June I got a job in Fort Collins with a government contractor as a GIS analyst. There I worked with the contractor as a GIS analyst. There I worked with the latest ESRI software such as Mapobjects and ArcView 3.0. There I realized that programming with Mapobjects would be a good specialty to develop. Unfortunately, the government funding ran out and I was forced to seek a new position. Since GIS is a booming field I didn't spend too much time looking for a job. I have recently committed to Harding Lawson Associates in Denver as a programmer. There, I will continue to develop my skills with ArcView and Mapobjects. On May 24, 1997 I will be married to Chris Kehmeier. We met while both of us were attending UCCS in 1994. Chris played mens basketball under Mark Feliz.

Submitted 4/97

Arthur McCann, Jr. Graduated in 1995. Emphasis of study: Environmental Studies I'm working at AMI Industries, Inc., 1275 North Newport Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 89016 as the Faculty and Haz-mat Manager. I'm also a registered Environmental Manager through NREP.

Submitted 3/97

Cynthia McKedy Graduated in 1993. Emphasis of study: Environmental Science Received a Juris Doctor in Law at the Denver University of Law.Employed as a Deputy District Attorney - The 4th Judicial District - El Paso County.

Submitted 3/97

Mary Lei Williams-Mulqueen Graduated in 1979 I have worked for US West Communications in Denver since 1981. After working my way up the ladder from a clerk, I am now a service assurance technician and database NMA - network monitoring and analysis. Although fiber optics, microwave radio, and central office equipment have very little to do with GES, I am very happy where I am. After a divorce in 1981, I moved to Denver where there were many more job opportunities. In 1989, I married Tom Mulqueen, who it turns out shared many of my roots - growing up in the same neighborhood in Denver, living in Colorado Springs, and doing business in Grand Lake. Tom has done small business administration but is now more involved in real estate. My children are all grown up now. Robert, 30, is living at Grand Lake and works as a lift operator at Mary Jane ski area. Heather is 27 and is a clerk in the Colorado Springs Municipal Courts. I hope no one has the opportunity to meet her there. Neither is married so there are no grandchildren yet. I have lost touch with all my UCCS friends and would love to hear from any and all of you. By the way, I have no idea how UCCS found me after all these years, many moves, and a name change. I originally blamed Heather because she was a student at UCCS but she claims she didn't do it. Anyway I'm glad now. My years at UCCS were one of the highlights of my life. Even though I have never used GES specifically in a job, my entire outlook on life has been enhanced. I cant see a landform without remembering Sue Raabe, for example. Thanks for all of it. . .

Submitted 3/97

Cori Pasinetti cori' Graduated in 1994 I am currently working on my Master's and expect to possibly intern this summer in Washington.

Submitted 3/97

Curt A. Poulton Graduated in 1980. M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (all classes taken at Colorado Springs), 1982
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1989 Dr. Poulton is currently an Assistant Professor in Geography and Environmental Studies here at UCCS. Areas of expertise are in historical geography, with a focus on the development of water rights, their landscapes and infrastructures, and a more diverse interest in urban infrastructure and landscapes.Some current works:The history of the El Paso Canal; "The Ditch that Built the City"; Colorado Springs' 1871-72 irrigation ditch."Horsepower vs. Horse Power. The evolution of urban street architecture through changes from horse-drawn to motor-driven transportation. Advice for students: It's never too late!

Glenn RichardsonGraduated in 1986. Emphasis of study: Environmental Have completed 9 hours towards a Master's in Public Administration - Health Care Emphasis at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. I'm currently a captain in the U.S. Army.

Submitted 3/97

Beverly K. Richey or Graduated in 1994 Hello Fellow UCCS Students! My family and I are now Southerner's. After graduating from UCCS in 1994 my husband who was USAF weather guru got transferred to Mississippi. I gained employment with Harrison County as a GIS Tech. for peanuts and was laid off after 3 months. After searching the limited GIS positions along the Mississippi Gulf Coast but dying to work at Stennis, I gained employment at the Gulf Coast Research Lab as a Lab Tech. Working with shrimp and other sea life was not for me. I REALLY found out about how the research world works. The Hurricane season of 1995 stressed all of us out so we decided for me to continue to search for GIS employment. I finally got first GIS position with Atlantic Technologies in Huntsville AL. Yes I was in Intergraph Land. Yuck. But I did work ARC-INFO most of the time--which was a very good thing. Started there working for almost nothing and continued there for 2 years. My husband got passed up for E-8 and decided enough already. So guess what--he decides HE wants to do GIS too! So while he went to the U. of North Alabama--I continued working at Atlantic. When I realized that my upwards abilities at Atlantic were limited, I started pursuing other employment again. I took a temp job in Nashville in Jan 98 and commuted 200 miles a day. The engineering firm I was working for wanted to hire me full-time but the salary did not justify us moving again. I then called Camber Corp., one of the few places in Huntsville that strictly works an ESRI platform. I faxed a resume to them on a Friday, had a call on Monday, an interview on Tuesday and an offer as a GIS analyst on Tuesday afternoon! I now have my DREAM job after 4 years of searching. I do GIS for the Army weapons defense. As you can tell, I am excited about this position. Travel to Germany is a possibility with this job. My husband Chester just graduated from U. of North Alabama in Professional Geography, CIS minor with high honors. He has secured a position at the University as a project manager for a utilities contract. He had this job 2 months before graduating. Of course I was jealous because I had to work the trenches to get my dream job. Oh well, he is well known in the community. Our daughter Jazmin (remember how little she was!) in now 6 years old and goes to a county school (K-12) in Limestone County Alabama. She is a GRITS girl (girls raised in the south.) She loves to draw and paint and going bare foot. She is also a good soccer player. We still have our 2 cats from Colorado and have gained a Dog named Shadow. I did see Torin in Atlanta last year at the ESRI Southeast users conference. Hello to Carole and Tom and Curt. Hope to see you again soon. Please feel free to e-mail me. 16416 Blackburn Lane
Athens, AL.35611
(256)230-9427Submitted 8/98

Danny Ross Graduated in 1984. Emphasis of study: Geography and Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Cartography After graduating in May 1984, I worked at a couple of different sales jobs in Colorado Springs. Then in February of 1985 I went to work for Analytical Surveys Inc. in Colorado Springs. I worked there until December of 1990, in the position of Technical Sales for the company. I resigned from ASI to take a position with ADR, Inc. here in town and open their "western" office. I am currently Vice President of ADR working in the capacity of marketing and managing projects throughout the western United States and the Pacific Rim. I have been responsible for selling and managing 12 million dollars worth of GIS, photogrammetry and computer mapping services over the past 10 years. I love my job and the industry I work in - which is expanding daily!

My wife of 19 years, Debbie, is attending UCCS and will graduate in May of 1998 with a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. I am very proud of her! She manages our home; our two boys - Taylor age 12 and Matt age 9, as well as working 20 hours per week in District 38 and taking four classes per semester. She does three times the work I do! Hurrah for her!! We live in Black Forest and our boys go to District 38 school.

Submitted 3/97

Kathleen Savantzo Graduated in 1996. Emphasis of study: GIS I'm currently working as a best fit/manual editor at Analytical Surveys, Inc. (Colorado Springs). I was working with ARC/Info prior to my present position.

Submitted 3/97

Larry Scheinsflug

Graduated in 1986. Emphasis of study: Environmental Science, Meteorology, Chemistry
Graduated in 1988 with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from UCCS. After my Master's Degree at UCCS I was confirmed to work at the Colorado Springs Department of Utilities for two years as an environmental scientist and then moved to Wisconsin to work for Fort Howard Paper as a Research Scientist in air Quality for two years. I then accepted a position with Georgia Pacific and now reside in Atlanta for the past five years managing the environmental affairs for 25 plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) plants in 10 states with a reporting engineer located at each plant. As a hobby, I have utilized my commercial pilots license to fly medical patients to/from hospitals. I also fly to the beach frequently during the summer months. During the 1996 summer olympics in Atlanta, I volunteered as an Envoy for the visiting Virgin Islands team. I had unlimited access to all events and enjoyed myself. Life is good!

Submitted 4/97

Greg Sievers Graduated in 1980 Following graduation had my own drafting business in Colorado Springs for two years, mostly civil. Moved to Anchorage AK seeking fame and fortune but better yet found myself. Continued drafting but quickly moved into construction inspection for civil engineering sites. Stayed in Anchorage for six years and became an avid, possessed climber. Moved to Estes Park, CO in Nov. 1987 and here I settled. Work for the local Government, Public Works Department, Engineering. Do everything from road building, bridges, sidewalk, parking lots, property management, development review surveying and now finally having gone round trip back to Geography and GIS. Hope to develop overlays related to site improvement through town, i.e., storm flow, curbs, culverts, traffic lights and patterns, etc. Also built a house and travel internationally to climb each year. Climb lots and hard - ice, rock and mountains. Now chairman of the American Alpine Club, Central Rockies Section. 17 years in a nutshell. A warm hello to Paul Grogger if he's still around. I visit with Curt Poulton about once a year. Saw the campus a few weeks ago - holly cow! It wasn't that long ago the first new building went up!

Submitted 4/97

Victoria Silva

Graduated in 1986. Emphasis of study: Geology

I worked extensively in GIS and computer mapping for the first four years after graduation; businesses included Analytical Surveys in Colorado Springs and several engineering firms in Denver. From there I was able to branch off into land use planning for the El Paso County Planning Dept.; the focus was long range planning and GIS. I left the County to work for the Yakima Indian Nation in Washington state as a master planner/technical writer (I wrote one of their water resources master plans for the reservation)/staff coordinator. I worked closely with tribal and non-tribal water users over irrigation water issues; water users rely on an old Bureau of Reclamation irrigation system of check dams and canals. It was a great opportunity.

I moved to Kansas in 1993 after deciding Colorado Springs was just too big to go back to. I started with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment in the Bureau of Environmental Remediation as an Environmental Geologist. I was Project Manager of one of the largest military Superfund sites in the state, which allowed me to work closely with scientists from the EPA, US Army, and Dept. of Defense; true bureaucracy.

After being involved with that very tedious process, I jumped to a different Bureau as an Environmental Scientist, a role that put me back into long range planning. I administered state grants for solid waste planning and wast reduction/recycling projects around the state and helped develop a public education/awareness campaign.

After nearly two years in that area at the state level, I took a position (7/96) as and Environmental Specialist with the University of Kansas. I coordinate all recycling programs on campus and assist administration with energy efficiency and assorted environmental awareness issues as they pertain to the campus community. I'll be the staff person to write an EIS if we, for example, build a new building, or if we conduct any major expansions of existing facilities. I'm working with all the student living groups to help them facilitate their recycling and serve on numerous KU environmental committees and boards. I LOVE IT!! And I was recently appointed by the Mayor to serve on the City of Lawrence's recycling advisory board, so I stay pretty busy.

I'm single, have no kids and love to travel. I started designing a line of jewelry four years ago, I was inspired after visiting several Mayan sites in Mexico and Central America. Because of ancestry, I decided to base my jewelry designs on Pre-Columbian art and history. I have my work in four states and have had a display at Spring Spree for the past two years. Half of my family is in Lawrence now, with a sister in the Pharmacology program here at KU; we love living in a smaller college town.

Submitted 1/97

Brad Simpson Graduated in 1997 Currently working at the Mark Travel Corp. as a Trainer Assistant. The position involves, of course, training new employees on the computer system as well as the vacation packages that we offer. Working on going to Cancun or someplace tropical. Went to Vail and Beaver Creek during the ski season last year for free! 13751 E. Richthofen Circle
Aurora CO 80011
(303) 344-9770 Submitted 8/98

Greg Smethers Graduated in 1996. I am working for Geologic Services and Consultants as a Supervising Field Technician. We primarily work on environmental remediation on gas stations, etc. I recently got married on July 20, 1996 to Vicky Beske and am living on the west side of the Springs.

Submitted 4/97

Shelly Terrill Graduated in 1993. Emphasis of Study: GIS Currently working on a Master's of Basic Science here at UCCS Upon graduation in May 1993, I applied with city, county, state and federal agencies for something in my field. I rejected a job interview with the federal government for an environmental scientist position because I did not want to move or commute to Denver. After that , I went three months with no job offers. I began looking for anything else, including motel maid. Finally, I had a job interview with the county for a GIS position. No one who applied knew GIS, but I had even less computer savvy than the "winner." I then got offered a job by the county for Clerk 1 in the assessor's office. I stayed eleven long, agonizing months starting out at $5.80/hour and finishing up at $6.00/hour. During this time, I picked up the GIS class at UCCS and took a refresher Auto/Cad class.

Somewhere during month eleven, I decided my time had come! Enough already! I had paid my dues, now it was time for all my efforts to pay off. I sent out my resume to temporary places, and got an immediate interview with the city. They needed someone who was familiar with GIS, AutoCAD, and mapping. They offered me a three month stint. I said YES! I had to get my feet wet. The three months turned to six, then nine, then became permanent. At present I am a step II FGT. It will take another four years to make it to FIMS Associate Analyst then several more years to become analyst. Analyst is the position I seek, the goal I am struggling towards. Not only is it the best work (most interesting and challenging), but I may finally be a little secure financially.

Things move slowly, but if you don't push, they don't move at all.
As a Tech, I do research, digitize, proofread, do all the graphics and publication (site maps) for city planning commission each month, and do some presentation graphics. The presentation graphics require the use of Arc, Arcedit, Acrplot and AML programming (manipulation and creation of code). I also verify legal description for all CPC items using Autologo and Arclogo. I am also presently creating a drainage data base for engineering from which maps will be produced showing different features that I pulled from all the old master drainage plans and present features in FIMS.

When I first started with the city, I did an open space study on 12 - 8' X 4' panels of FIMS data concerning the city. I pantoned and taped these boards for existing proposed open space and parks. Then two years later, I did all this again using ARC (trails included). Some things were digitized, others captured. Now, we are close to getting the Open Space Plan Approved!

For someone who was doing maid and janitor work twenty years ago, that is not too bad! The 11 years at TI helped, but continuing my education has hopefully saved me.

Submitted 3/97

Sandra Trujillo
Graduated: 1986Work at: Turnstone Research Inc.
Job title: President
Length at Job: 1-2 year(s)Job Description: My company does varied research for the private sector. Some of the projects include: Building data bases for the telecommunications industry, Conducting Executive Searches, Competitive Business Research, Scholarship Research, Environmental Research and other diverse research. Other jobs:  I have worked with an architect firm as an environmental planner. With another company I utilized my land use analysis skills in identifying possible uses for clients. I think it would be wonderful to have that offering [MA in Geography and Environmental Studies at UCCS]. I would most definently be interested. I have always thought I would like to teach Geography at the junior college level. Having a MA conveniently available would be an aid in reaching my goal. I have wonderful, rich memories of my time in the Geography department - I am confident that this is still the case with the superb faculty on board.Submitted 4/99

Marilyn Ulanowski Graduated in 1989. Emphasis of study: GIS and Remote Sensing Currently pursuing a M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Regis University. Also attended University of Nevada (I have taken umpteen classes, many at the graduate level, and should have had 2 Masters by now. There is hope.) Whew! The morning following graduation, May 1989, my family and I loaded the last few things into a U-Haul and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Within three weeks of arriving to the desert town, I was employed as an Engineering Technician with Clark County. Three months later I was hired by the Clark County GIS Management Office and started a prosperous career in local government GIS. Four years later, I went to work for Clark County Regional Transportation Commission, and learned a whole lot more about managing GIS and what the word UNIX really meant, as I had to administer my own network. In December of 1995, I was offered a position with UGC Consulting, Englewood, Colorado as a Senior Technical Consultant. By December 1996, I decided that I would rather be a Software Engineer than a Consultant, so I transferred to the System Integration Sector of UGC, where I now do all kinds of neat stuff, such as data modeling, requirements, and technical writing with regard to the utility industry. While working with Clark County GIS Management Office, I heard a rumor one day that our office was about to hire a man by the name of Jim Jackson. . .for all of you who know Jim and myself. . .it's a small small GIS world. Jim and I studied at UCCS at the same time, but did not stay in contact until we met again in Vegas. We owe a lot to all of our professors at UCCS, but special thanks must go to Professor Tom Huber. Jim and I are still using the skills he taught us.
Thanks Tom!

Submitted 1/97

Carol Weissly Graduated in 1988. Emphasis of study: Community Development, minor in Gerontology I volunteer in Senior Citizen activities: - Senior Service Advisory Committee for Colorado Springs - board member Pikes Peak Seniors, Inc. (Care Castle Overseers) - weekly volunteer at CS Senior Center - twice weekly volunteer Temple Shalom Senior Group. - CS Community Action Plan/Community Services sub-committee I have been married for 44 years and have 4 children and 2 son-in-laws.

Submitted 4/97

Barbara White Graduated in 1979 I have worked in the life insurance and financial services fields. I am now a full-time mom. I'm married to Ron Casados, we have a son, Patrick, and a daughter, April. I enjoy jogging and making quilts. Raising children is the biggest adventure of all!

Submitted 3/97

"Tina" Shirley Wood Graduated in 1979 Went on to receive a GRI - Graduate of Real Estate Institute My basic career has been as a homemaker. I have worked at several (3) jobs since graduation. From 1988-1995 I worked for Century 21. I was an agent for 6 years and an Instructor at their Real Estate School for 2 1/2 years. I am currently working at home. I have been married for 30 years. We have raised our two children. Our son is married, works and is in college. Our daughter is a manager in a local bank, she and her husband have one child and are expecting another. We love to travel; since graduation we have visited: Europe, Panama Canal, South America, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, California, Cape Cod, and Washington D.C. During our European vacation we visited Germany, England, Switzerland, France and Italy. Visiting new places is something I plan to do as long as I can. Colorado will always be homebase - we have two homes here. We built a second home in the mountains with our bare hands. I have been a member of the United States Tennis Association for years and I still enjoy playing tennis when I can. Golf is on my list of things to learn. Gardening, hot air ballooning (Chase crew member 12 years), grandparenting, cooking, and working jigsaw puzzles are also things I enjoy. I have a full life and I am thankful for the opportunity to have received my Bachelor's degree at UCCS. I have not ruled out the possibility of going for a Master's. Hello to Bob Larkin in the Geography department. He inspired me when I needed it. Thanks for not forgetting me!

Submitted 1/97


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