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GES Fast-Track Graduate Admission Process

 The Fast-Track Admission Process is designed to offer a more efficient admission process to former undergraduate students that have graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs no more than four years prior to the time of application to a graduate program.  A student applying under the Fast-Track admission rules must submit the following to the intended graduate program/department:

 1. The Fast-Track Admission application form (on reverse), accurately and completely filled out,

2. A completed residency form if the student claims instate-tuition eligibility,

3.  A check or money order for the $60 non-refundable application fee. Make check payable to the University of Colorado.

4.  Official transcripts for any university level studies attempted after graduation from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and

5.   A statement giving permission to the GES Graduate Director to obtain an internal transcript from SIS for the applicant.  These forms are to be available from the graduate program office and must be signed by the student.

6. Graduates from Geography and Environmental Studies need only supply 1 letter of recommendation rather than three. Graduates from other departments must still provide three letters.

7.  Fast-track admission is not available for international students.

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