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Funding Opportunities for students in the Master of Arts in Applied Geography

Many MA applicants have questions and concerns about funding for their graduate education.  At this point, the department is unable to offer any Teacherís Assistant (TA) opportunities, although graduate fellowships are available through the Graduate School (see below). We are working actively to raise funds for TA positions and hope to have better news in the future. In the mean time, there are many avenues to pursue to supplement or cover educational expenses.

Please be aware of these points:

Students may qualify for fellowships from the Graduate School. Funding is for one year and are awarded on a competitive basis. Availability depends on the university budget for each year; the amount is on the order of $3,000. These require that the department recommend you for funding.  Students must submit a statement of purpose and goals—new applicants do this when answering Question 7 on the application packet Part II.  You may also wish to address in your statement some specifics as to why you feel you qualify for this fellowship.  Be aware that a condition of accepting this fellowship is that you must apply for 9 credit hours for 2 successive semesters.  If you cannot meet this criterion, do not indicate your desire to be recommended for this fellowship. 

Departmental recommendations are submitted to the Graduate School by early March, new applicants must submit application materials by February 15 to be considered.

A limited number of our students receive funding from faculty members through research grants in which they are a research assistant (RA).  This source of income is variable, depending on grants that individual faculty members have at any given time. Please contact whomever you think might be your advisor for information on possible research funding opportunities. Recognize that the availability of these positions varies greatly and is not guaranteed.

Students may also be funded through work in the Southern Colorado Geodata Lab.  The availability of these positions again varies greatly and is difficult to predict in advance.  You may wish to contact the Director of the Geodata Lab concerning the possibility of income.

The department offers a Women in Geography Scholarship.  This is a one-time grant awarded on a competitive basis for all women students. See your faculty mentor if you wish to apply.

There are numerous geography-related firms in Colorado Springs that hire our students.  Most will be flexible with work and school schedules, some offer tuition reimbursement, and several have formal internship programs with our department.  Discuss these options with the Graduate Director or other faculty members.

Most out-of-state students can qualify for in-state tuition after one year of residence.

The Financial Aid Office will assist with student loans, work study qualifications, and potential student grant money.

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Arts in Applied Geography.

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