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Geo-Hazards in Colorado Springs / El Paso County   
Original data used in these maps were not created to be site specific, and may only be used for general purposes. This website is the result of funding provided by the Regents of the University of Colorado for informative purposes only and contains no warranty of data accuracy. The maps are a compilation of existing maps on natural hazard locations and potential. All data used in these maps are publicly available from their respective sources in either digital or hard copy format. More info here or Make a map!
Radon Distribution in Colorado Springs / El Paso County
Original data for this study were provided by the Colorado Radon Measurements Laboratory in the Department of Physics at UCCS. Although the data used to create these maps came from specific points, all data has been averaged across space in order to reflect patterns, and therefore is not site specific. Please note the differing spatial patterns that result from the various methods of interpolation. More info or Make a map!

Pikes Peak Erosion & Sedimentation Maps (Under construction)
The maps show gullies and areas of sedimentation surrounding the Pikes Peak Highway. The mapping was done from June through August of 2002, by field technicians walking the features and collecting information with GPS units. Other layers seen in the map are for geographic reference.

Environmental Justice is the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, incomes, and educational levels with respect to the development and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Fair treatment implies that no population should be forced to shoulder a disproportionate share of exposure to the negative effects of pollution due to lack of political or economic strength. These map layers overlay demographic information and EPA "Superfund" and toxic sites. Source data: US EPA and US CENSUS Bureau. Make a Map.

Guadalajara Sustainable Landuse Calculator

This GIS-based website allows you to evaluate any proposed new land use in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Mexico. The interface uses a dynamic map that to select a location where you are considering opening or building new retail, industry, housing, or service units. This planning tool will help determine whether your new land use is compatible with nearby existing land uses. You will receive an impact report that will define: 1) Demographic and economic information for the immediate surrounding area; and 2) A ranking for the land use impact that can be used as a preliminary evaluation of the suitability for your land use in the site you selected.

A Spanish language version will be available soon.

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