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High School Program: CU Succeed

CU Succeed Students & Parents FAQ

» What is CU Succeed?
CU Succeed is a great way for current high school students to get a jump start on their college education. The dual program offers high school students the opportunity to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Courses are taught in the high school during the regular school day. The program provides students with the opportunity to save time and money in completing a college degree.
» Who is eligible to participate in CU Succeed?
CU Succeed courses are open to high school students who are able to satisfy the prerequisites of the courses in which they wish to enroll. However, your high school needs to be participating in the program in order to receive the CU Succeed dual credit. (view select high schools)
» How is the CU Succeed Program beneficial to a high school student?
  • Students are able to complete high school requirements while gaining college credit
  • CU Succeed is the perfect way for students to become acquainted with college courses, allowing a smoother transition from high school to higher education
  • Students save money and get a jump start on their college degree
  • Students who participate in programs like CU Succeed are more likely to succeed academically, persevere in their college journey and graduate sooner than students who do not participate in such programs.
  • Parents enroll their child in a college credit course for just $50/credit hour; a fraction of what a typical undergraduate credit costs. This is an opportunity for parents to set their child up for success and save money at the same time.
» What types of courses are taught through the CU Succeed Program & are they equivalent to college courses?
CU Succeed courses are equivalent to those taken by UCCS campus students and there are a variety of disciplines available depending on the high school.
» Who will be teaching the courses within the CU Succeed Program?
Instructors within the CU Succeed Program are current high school teachers who have been granted an Honorarium adjunct faculty position with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. CU Succeed instructors possess the same scholarly qualifications and are held to the same high academic standards as those instructors on campus.
» If I'm receiving college credit, don't I have to pay college prices?
No, tuition for CU Succeed courses is substantially lower than that charged for the same course on the UCCS campus. CU Succeed only charges $50/credit.
» How does a high school student obtain college credit?
High school students will need to apply with UCCS every semester they wish to obtain college credit. After the application has been processed, students will need to register for their courses online. Applications are submitted through Campus Wide Extended Studies. No application fee is required. Visit Registration Information for step-by-step instructions on how to register for a CU Succeed course.
» How are the credits recognized on transcripts and by other colleges or universities?
There is no differentiation between CU Succeed courses and typical college courses on transcripts. Courses taken within the CU Succeed Program will appear on a college transcript under the semester in which it was taken and will be weighted in the students GPA.
» Will CU Succeed credits transfer to another college or university?
Policies regarding transfer credits vary by institution, therefore, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs cannot guarantee that CU Succeed credits will be accepted by all institutions. In general, those institutions that typically accept University of Colorado credits will also accept credits completed through the CU Succeed Program. Please inquire with the institution you wish to attend before enrolling in CU Succeed courses.
» Can a high school student still be enrolled in an AP class and take the AP exam at the end of the year?
Yes, some students choose to take the AP exam even though the student will receive credit for the course if he/she successfully passes it and by enrolling in the CU Succeed Program.
» Will my transcript indicate that the course was taken in the high school?
There is no differentiation between CU Succeed courses and typical college courses on transcripts. Courses taken within the CU Succeed Program will appear on a college transcript under the semester in which it was taken and will be weighted in the student's GPA.
» How do I order a transcript?
To request a UCCS transcript for your as a current or former student, visit www.uccs.edu/extendedstudies/transcript_order.html.