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Biennial Review

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for preserving and administering the University Student Code of Conduct. We provide information for students that promotes a healthy and engaging institution of learning. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an ethic of care at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, through its preventive behavioral and accountability practices. We also maintain a network with University departments and programs in order to provide clarity on University protocols, policies and rules.

We advise and make recommendations on student initiatives, interests and needs in the areas of student complaints, appeals and referrals. We also provide problem solving assistance and can help you connect with campus resources.

Our staff serves as advocates for students' interests and needs to the rest of the University. DOS provides assistance to UCCS students by supporting student opportunities and administering services and programs that enrich and enhance student achievement.

Our Values

The Office of the Dean of Students upholds civic responsibility, education and the development of all students. We strive to create a respectful and supportive campus community that grows a sense of honesty, fairness and itegrity within the student body. Our office advocates for a safe campus and provides assistance for any students when they do not know where else to turn.

We welcome students coming to us for help, but also expect students to take responsibility for their own actions. Through our educational programming support, we promote the students of our university to progress during their time at our campus.


Office of the Dean of Students
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Main Hall 312
(719) 255-3091

Dean of Students, Steve Linhart
(719) 255-3838 |  slinhart@uccs.edu

Director of Student and Judicial Affairs, Amanda Allee
719- 255- 3834 | aallee@uccs.edu 

Student Support Specialist, Natalie Skaggs
719-255-3091 | nskaggs@uccs.edu 

Outreach Coordinators
Collin Campbell
Brent Leasure
Alexa Sprouse 
Kelli Palizzi 

If there is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or Public Safety at 719-255-3111