Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF)


The Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF) is a collaborative venture designed to highlight the accomplishments of undergraduates from Colorado College, the United States Air Force Academy, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).

LAS developed this research forum, and has continued to foster and cultivate the collaboration between UCCS, Colorado College, and the United States Air Force Academy. We are honored to include the CSURF program as part of our Peak Learning Experiences program - designed to provide experiential learning opportunities for every student, in every major of our college.

Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum



Research at UCCS

UCCS students have a variety of opportunities for participating in research and creative works with faculty and in the community. We have formal programs that allow students to receive funding to conduct scholarship through departments, colleges, and campus wide programs. Or students may volunteer with faculty or a community partner. Or students may conduct research for academic credit. Students may participate in the Undergraduate Research Academy, the UCCS Honors Program, departmental honors programs, or independent study to gain experience in scholarship beyond the classroom.

Each of our academic units in the colleges of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; Business; Nursing and Health Sciences; Education; Engineering and Applied Sciences; School of Public Affairs, and the Kramer Family Library support student research, scholarship, and creative works in ways that lead to unique disciplinary experiences.

Students work directly with faculty across all disciplines on campus and projects are often presented at professional conferences or published in academic journals. Students may conduct scholarship in the community through service projects, internships with nonprofit agencies or industry and businesses. Some students are international scholars who travel abroad to perform research and creative activities. UCCS supports these students with funds for travel, supplies and tuition because it recognizes the importance of international activities that support our academic endeavors.

UCCS students engage in extracurricular research and creative activities that are significant in so many distinct ways. They may collect quantitative data, carry out detailed searches of the literature of antiquity, investigate architectural blueprints, create geographic simulations, collaborate with a variety of diverse community agencies or develop creative means of expression.

Students present their work at CSURF and UCCS Mountain Lion Research Day, as well as at professional conferences. UCCS provides opportunities for students to engage in scholarship in a variety of ways so that students extend their learning through application of knowledge and deep dives into specific content.