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Connections - We connect educators, administrators, non-profits, geographic corporations, and legislators, forming a community of stakeholders in Geographic Education.

Workshops - COGA coordinates and sponsors teacher education workshops to advance understanding of geographic education.

Advocacy - Of the core academic subjects in the No Child Left Behind Act, geography is the only one with no dedicated federal funding program. COGA works through local, state, and national policy-makers to advance geo-literacy.


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This is What Geographers Do

Casey Allen

“My penchant for fieldwork has allowed me to stay broadly-trained and pursue all sorts of research. Currently, I focus on demonstrating that fieldwork enhances learning using my expertise in rock decay science and sense of place. Regionally-speaking, my specialties include Arid lands, Japan, US-Mexico Borderlands, and the Lesser Antilles. Education remains paramount in my life and my dedication to students has paid off in three prestigious accolades: being named an “Early Career Scholar” by the Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education (2012), having students select me as the Outstanding Student Mentor for the CU Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus (2013), and being awarded Excellence in Teaching by CU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2014). Overall, my goal rests in spreading Geography, helping diffuse it over space-time, improving people's perception of it and its applicability.” Read more about Casey on the

What Geographers Do Archive.

Geo-Educator Community

The Geo-Educator Community

With the rapid pace of change in the 21st century, it is more important than ever that young people understand the world around them. However, the focus of current education reform is elsewhere—leaving educators who are committed to teaching young people about their interconnected world out in the cold. National Geographic wants to change all that and is launching the Geo-Education Initiative to improve education about our world. The first step in this initiative is building a Geo-Educator Community for educators who are committed to teaching their students about the world.  Connect through the Geo-Educator portal by way of on and off line platforms, social media, newsletters, a blog.  Visit the Geo-Educator Community page to learn more.


Our Goal


  • Changing how you understand and experience the world


  • To instill and nurture spatial awareness and geographic literacy


  • Inspiring passion for Earth and its inhabitants
  • Connecting people with geography
  • Honoring inclusivity and diversity
  • Exploring physical and human environments
  • Developing spatial perspective


    Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS (T3G) offers educators a week in Redlands, California at the Esri, Inc. campus to hone their skills in geospatial technology in the classroom. Check out the details and complete an application through this website:
    If you are interested in talking with other educators in Colorado who have participated in this program, please contact and we will connect you with them.

    For a quick review of what the members of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies have been doing over the summer, check out the Fall 2015 Newsletter.

    Gary Knell, President of the National Geographic Society, shared his thoughts on the importance of geography education at the 2015 Esri Users Conference in San Diego. Access the video here:

    Check out this link from AAG:
    "Senate ESEA Reauthorization Bill Includes Geography Grant Program"

    In honor of the National Geographic Bee, educators have the opportunity to host their own Free-Bee at their School!
    Check out the link below to register for a Free-Bee!

    Check out the Rocky Mountain Map Society! They are dedicated to the study and appreciation of maps and other items of cartographic interest.
    Check out their website!
    It's Map Month! Check out their Brochure for events!

    From Sanatorium to Scholarship
    Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
    OPENS May 9, 2015
    Check out this historical map of UCCS compiled by the UCCS Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Chair John Harner, Marta Blanco-Castano, and Glenn Xavier.

    Q&A with Tom and Carole Huber, "Geography: the common ground for UCCS couple’s diverse academic adventures."

    The NCGE now has a Future Geoleader Membership Program!

    Benefits include:
  • Online access to the Journal of Geography, and The Geography Teacher (exclusively online--no mailed journals)
  • Access to the Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher publication archives, which date all the way back to 1902!
  • Attend all of our LIVE Webinars, which cover a wide range of topics and provide members with the opportunity to learn from the best geography educators around the world
  • Access to complete Webinar archive
  • An opportunity for mentorship, and to network and connect with the greater community of educators and leading experts in the field of geographic education
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Weekly e-newsletter with geography education news, opportunities and resources
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  • Access to our Career Center
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