Congratulations to Pranit Nanda, the 2014 First Place Winner of the Colorado Geographic Bee

Pranit won this year's bee by answering this final question: "What sea in the Arctic Ocean separates the Taymyr Peninsula from the archipelago Novaya Zemlya?".  This is the third year in a row that Pranit has won the Colorado State Geographic Bee; a first in the bee's 26 year history.  Pranit will be headed to Washington DC next month for the National Geographic Bee.  We wish him good luck!  Read more about the recent event at The Denver Post.

Geo-Educator CommunityThe Geo-Educator Community

New from National Geographic

With the rapid pace of change in the 21st century, it is more important than ever that young people understand the world around them. However, the focus of current education reform is elsewhere—leaving educators who are committed to teaching young people about their interconnected world out in the cold. National Geographic wants to change all that and is launching the Geo-Education Initiative to improve education about our world. The first step in this initiative is building a Geo-Educator Community for educators who are committed to teaching their students about the world.

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Changing how you understand and experience the world


To instill and nurture spatial awareness and geographic literacy


Inspiring passion for Earth and its inhabitants

Connecting people with geography

Honoring inclusivity and diversity

Exploring physical and human environments

Developing spatial perspective

The Colorado Geographic Alliance endeavors to:

Instill and nurture spatial awareness and geographic literacy, by changing our understanding and experience of the world.

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What can COGA bring you?

Connections We connect educators, administrators, non-profits, geographic corporations, and legislators with each other, forming a community of stakeholders in Geographic Education. 

Workshops - COGA coordinates and sponsors teacher education workshops throughout the year to advance understanding of geographic education.

Advocacy - Of nine areas listed as core academic subjects in the No Child Left Behind Act, geography is the only one that has no dedicated federal funding program.  COGA works through local, state, and national legislators to advance geo-literacy in our schools and communities.

This is What Geographers Do

Journal of GeographyTeaching Geography with 3-D Visualization Technology

Technology that helps students view images in three dimensions (3-D) can support a broad range of learning styles. “GeoWall systems” are visualization tools that allow scientists, teachers, and students to project stereographic images and view them in 3-D. We developed and presented 3-D visualization exercises in several undergraduate courses. Students in introductory-level classes benefited from the novel presentation of material. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students appreciated the opportunity to analyze the advantages, limitations, and potential applications of the new technology. 3-D visualization technology, which is more affordable and convenient than ever before, may offer an untapped potential in geography instruction at many levels.

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