Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Message from the Chair

Dr. David Anderson

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are pleased to share with you our commitment to your success at UCCS. We strongly believe in providing a positive educational experience for our students. As stated in our campus Core Values, "We will seek the development of a multicultural campus environment in which each person contributes unique talents to make the university a better place and, in turn, is fully valued and supported.” Our goal is to recruit and foster a diverse population to pursue careers in chemistry-based sciences, including chemistry and biochemistry research, medicine, medical research, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, and teaching, to name a few.

Dr. David Anderson

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Internships Summer 2016
There are two internships for Chem or Biochem majors available at the Battelle Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant in Pueblo. One is a Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control Intern and the other is a Laboratory Intern. The first requires junior standing, the second sophomore. Could be paid, with wages TBD based on experience level. Contact Kristin Rager, 719/549-4376 or
Graduate Teaching Assistantships
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a limited number of $15,000 annual GTAs available. Click on the Graduate Students tab for more information.
Accelerated BA/BS-MSc Program
The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program offers highly qualified UCCS chemistry and biochemistry majors the opportunity to pursue the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry and the Master of Sciences in Chemistry or Biochemistry concurrently. Click on the Graduate Students tab for more information.
The Science Center
If you take lower-level courses in Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, the Science Center offers drop-in tutoring, scheduled problem-solving sessions, computers, and other resources to help you do well.