My MA Students

Frank Chimento (2016)

> Lichenometric and Cosmogenic Nuclide Methods for Surface Exposure Dating of Rock Glaciers

Thaddeus Swan (2016)

> Examining an Archaeologically Significant Cache in Southeastern Colorado

Kari M. Pittman (2013)

> Between Rock Art and Graffiti: Identifying Culture Change and Ethnic Interactions in the Borderlands of Southeastern Colorado using a Customized Geospatial Typology

Geoffrey Muhlestein (2012)

> An Evaluation of a GIS Based Procedure for Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation over the Piru Creek Basin

Ryan Hollamby (2011)

> The Massenerhebung Effect: Exploring Treeline Elevation Differences between the Pikes Peak Massif and the Elk Mountain Range, Colorado, USA