GES2050 - Digital Earth - Readings

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Spring 2016

1. A GOOD RESOURCE FOR TOPICS RELATED TO GIS AND GPS: Ch. 4 (pages 83-133) of Integrated Geospatial Technologies: A Guide to GPS, GIS, and Data Logging by Jeff Thurston, Thomas Poilker, and J. Patrick Moore. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2003. 266p. Reading available in bvogt's faculty outbox under 'ges_2050'

2. Congressional Research Service Report, Jan., 2010 - Geospatial Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Current Issues and Future Challenges

3. Butler, D. 2006. The Web-Wide World, Nature, Vol. 439, 2/16/06

Readings may change. Changes announced in class and posted here.