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Spring 2016

Exercise 1: Create GES2050 Course Web Site

Lab 1:
Asking Questions of Maps - Interacting with the 'This Dynamic Planet' Map

Lab 2:
Documenting the Variety of Cultural / Physical Geography in El Paso County, CO using the Virtual Globe 'Google Earth'

Lab 3: Estimating the Extent of Urban Sprawl on Long Island, NY Using the Virtual Glove 'SkylineGlobe' and Other Exciting Geographic Explorations

Lab 4:
GPS and GIS - Using Control Points Collected in the Field to Georeference a .jpg of the UCCS Campus

Lab 5:
Geovisualization and Pattern Discovery - Draping Geology and Cultural Features over Topography

Lab 6: Remote Sensing - IDRISI: Using Landsat Imagery and NDVI to Distinguish Vegetation near Pueblo, Colorado

Lab 7: Marketing Outdoor Recreation in Chaffee County, Colorado through Queries, Clips, and Joins

Lab 8: Spatial Analysis and DEMs - Mountain Geography: Investigating Colorado Fourteeners Pixel by Pixel

Lab 9: Interpolation of Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar Point Data

Lab 10: Digital Terrain Modeling and Geomorphometry using Peter Guth's MicroDEM

Lab 11: Colorado Barbeques Gone Bad - The Regional Climatology of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning on July 4th

Labs may change. Changes announced in class and posted here.