Brandon J. Vogt

Brandon VogtI earned a BS from the University of Missouri and MA and PhD from Arizona State University. My primary research interests rest in geomorphology, geomorphometry, terrestrial lidar, and cloud-to-ground lightning. I blend these interests as I explore interactions between natural / physical processes and landsurface textures.

I maintain the Geomorphology Research Lab, a place well-equipped for collaborative, multi-disciplinary research in the physical sciences.

I teach courses in introductory geospatial technologies, physical geography, geomorphology, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, digital image processing, and snowpack assessment.

In 2013, I am working on a project that uses lightning activity as a proxy to understand summertime atmospheric dynamics in Colorado, and a project that uses rock glaciers as geoindicators of environmental change in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. I enjoy music, mountains, thunderstorms, snow, sandstone, photography, traveling, coffee, and anything Colorado..


Glacial Polish, Yosemite NP
Double Rainbow
Tafoni, SE Colorado
Granite, Yosemite NP, Calif.
Double rainbow, Grand Lake, Colo.
Tafoni, southeast Colo.

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