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Jeffrey Broker

Our undergraduate curriculum was designed to provide students with a foundation in the biological sciences, as well as to foster an appreciation for the diversity of living organisms and the processes that sustain them. The common core curriculum courses include two semesters of Introductory Biology (with laboratory sections), Cell Biology, Biology Statistics, Genetics and Senior Seminar. The diversity of research specialties among our faculty provides the opportunity to offer of a wide range of elective courses, including neurobiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, epidemiology, animal behavior and ecology. Opportunities to work on research projects with faculty are also available.

The Department of Biology is the largest department at UCCS, with over 700 majors! Biology majors survey the origins, maintenance, and conservation of biological diversity, as well as the molecular, genetic, and cellular bases of life. Students have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics, including the complex interactions that exist among organisms and their environments, as well as the biological processes that underlie molecular and organismic evolution, cellular function, embryonic development, nutrition, exercise science, biomechanics, and human health.

Our majors go on to many different graduate programs and careers including research technicians, medical school, PA school, veterinary school, wildlife conservation and more.

Dr. Jeffrey Broker



Attention students enrolled in Biol 2010 and 2020
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Sabine Allenspach received the 2015 SGA Student's Choice for Educator of the Year Award

Faculty & Student Publications
Dr, James Pearson, Lucas RAI, Sarma S, Schlader ZJ, Pearson J, and Crandall CG. Age-related changes to cardiac systolic and diastolic function during whole-body passive hyperthermia. Experimental Physiology, 2015.
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