Department of Biology


Message from the Chair

Andrew Subudhi

The Department of Biology is one of the largest departments at UCCS, with over 700 majors. Biology majors survey the origins, maintenance, and conservation of biological diversity, as well as the molecular, genetic, and cellular bases of life. Students have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics, including the complex interactions that exist among organisms and their environments, as well as the biological processes that underlie molecular and organismic evolution, cellular function, embryonic development, exercise science, biomechanics, and human health. Our majors go on to many different graduate programs and careers including research technicians, medical school, PA school, veterinary school, wildlife conservation and more.

Dr. Andrew Subudhi


Faculty Highlights

Dr. Bono publishes paper with former undergraduate student

Dr. Subudhi publishes paper with students
Jordyn N. Rienks, Andrea A. Vanderwoude, Elizabeth Maas, Zachary M. Blea, and Andrew W. Subudhi Effect of Beetroot Juice on Self-Regulated, Moderate-Intensity Exercise

Dr. Lybecker receives 3 year NSF grant
RUI: The Function and Molecular Mechanisms of Novel RNAs in E.coli 7/2015


Ecology/Evolution Students
Students interested in research experience in ecology & evolution can contact Dr. Mooney about programs at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

B.S. in Exercise Science to be offered
The Department of Biology has partnered with the Department of Health Sciences to offer a BS in Exercise Science starting in the fall of 2016. The degree will blend education in basic and applied science for students seeking careers in sport science and medicine and highlights university relationships with local sport organizations and health care providers.

Welcome to Dr. Emily Mooney
Dr. Mooney is a new Assistant Professor in the department. She will be teaching Plant Ecology and Conservation Biology.

New courses to be offered Fall 2016
Dr. Pearson will be offering Biol 4370/5370 Cardiovascular Physiology and Dr. Pigage will be offering Biol 4445/5445 Ecology of Wildlife Disease